How to handle gaining vs. losing?

I have been on MFP for 60 days now (yay me!) and have done everything I'm supposed to do: logging, keeping macros in check, lowered my sodium, drinking my water, even exercising (which I hate but do anyway)

Every week for 60 days I have lost weight. Sometimes a lot (4.8 lbs) sometimes a little (1.2 lbs)

This is the first week that I have NOT lost weight. Actually gained a little!

I have a terrible time with little set-backs. I let them consume me and that's all I focus on.

I would love some advise and encouragement to keep at it. Thank you!


  • gargisingh
    gargisingh Posts: 123 Member
    Congratulations on your weight loss, first of all! 60 days is a good length of time. I hope you will continue logging the food journal even after you reach your goal weight. About the gain in weight:

    a) The weight can fluctuate for many reasons- high salt intake and carb loading increase water retention and result in temporary increase in weight. Sometimes the weight just fluctuates for reasons we cant explain. Wait and weigh yourself next week. If over 2 or 3 weeks you still seem to be gaining weight - only then it should concern you.

    b) Because of your regular exercise- you might have gained some muscle mass :D:D which is awesome!!

    c) Sometimes the scale just lies :P

    I would not worry about the temporary weight gain. If you have been logging sincerely, not overdoing your calorie needs a lot, exercising regularly- I wouldnt worry at all. I would just give my body some time to adjust to this new lighter me. I would know my body is taking its own while and I would trust it.

    All the best! And, you dont have to panic for a week's sad reading on scale. That is why on MFP we have non-scale victories (NSV). I would suggest that you keep measuring yourself in other ways too (like waist measurement) and track them regularly!