lactate threshole

I did a lactate threshold workout yesterday. I am trying to do heart rate training and i needed to figure out my lactate threshold number. So the test is run for 30 minutes at my hardest (timed test), and find my average heart rate for the last 20 minutes of the test and thats my "threshold number" or lactate threshold point. But when i did the test it was way higher than the general version of figuring this out. my age:33

generic version 220-33(age) - 187

187= my max heart rate

lactate = 88%-92% of max heart rate, which would put me at 164-171 for the generic version.

When i did the 30 minute time trial my average heart rate for the last 20 minutes was 176.

So my question is, am i ..

1. more in shape for my generic age group and i should train at this 176 number?

2. I pushed it too hard on the test and i should train at the generic version of 164-171?


  • Madholm
    Madholm Posts: 167
    Use 176 if you feel like pushing yourself harder; use 165-170 if you'd prefer easier training.

    At some point though you will need to adjust these numbers as your weight goes down and your muscles adjust to the regiment.