Has your success helped motivate others?

Has your success helped motivate friends or family to do the same? My brother jumped on the fitness bandwagon a few months ago with me and it has been awesome for both of us! We workout together sometimes, share tips, share future goals with each other etc. Has anyone else had this happen too?


  • amnsetie
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    No not really :sad:

    People say they are inspired, but they don't seem to be doing the biz.:noway:

    Then they say it's ok for you but I couldn't log my food/exercise that much/count calories.:grumble:

    I don't exercise much (3 times a week), it takes less than 10 minutes to enter my calories and it doesn't take counting, adding of multiplying (mfp does that work for me) :huh:

    Really I don't know why they ask me about it.:yawn:
  • kittyr77
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    My mum started dieting, finally, after i lost about two stone. She's doing well but is kind of annoying about it, as she "doesn't believe" in exercise and thinks i am "overdoing" it. Yawn. She also likes to tell me frequently how much lighter she is than me, even tho her bmi is a lot more than mine as she's so much shorter. But oh well!
    Also, i get a lot of overweight people, colleagues, my mother-in-law etc asking me what my SECRET is. Which is eat around 800 kcal less than i burn every day. Eat healthy balanced meals, reduce over all kcal, exercise six days a week. Hardly a secret. Then they moan and say they have "a slow metabolism". Funny how that can happen when you sit on your *kitten* all day stuffing your face and drinking pints of wine and gin. Sigh.
  • lacroyx
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    Some. My mother quit soda pop about 6 months ago and doesn't drink it anymore. Another of my good friends, she has dropped over 60 lbs. We've met up to do a couple of 5K's and hikes together. She tried MFP but didn't like it. She's doing a Atkins light style of a diet and it works for her. She's about 15 lbs from reaching her goal weight too, though I did shake my head at her when I found out she tired the Hungry Crazy Girl diet in the past.

    However I do have some that are not motivated at all. One of my friends was unemployed at the time when I started exercising, getting fit and healthy. I tried to get him to tag along on my journey, since he had barely any income at the time, I offered to pick his gluteus maximus up, have him join me at the gym, encourage him to drop the soda pop, sign up to MFP. Nope. He refused to.

    We went on a trip to San Diego in July of 2010 to visit friends that live there and attend SDCC. He was in very bad shape during the entire trip. Struggled to get around anywhere, ½ a flight of stairs killed him. I got really worried when he was having shortness of breath just sitting down all the time. Took him to a hospital and found out that he had multiple blood clots in both lungs and 1 big clot in the major artery leading to his heart. Doctors said he was lucky that he didn't die.

    He changed, for a little while. Quit soda pop, dropped from 370 lbs. down to 320 lbs. That was just from 1 month laying in bed at the hopsital with no exercise at all. When he got back home from San Diego, he was all about going to the gym, cleaning up his diet, etc etc. then he started slacking off. He avoided the scales for a while and finally I got him to admit to me that he gained weight. I knew he had, but he refused to acknowledge it. Currently he is 397 lbs. and recently cancelled his YMCA membership. :frown: I'm fusterated and some times feel like I failed him in some way, but I know I can't force him to change. He is the one that has to want to.
  • apocalypsepwnie
    My mum's best friend is on here with me now. I'm very proud to do this journey with her.
    A few girls I know from derby are on here, some want to lose weight and others just want to get a better handle on their eating.
    Some people I have on facebook, school friends etc are here too now.
    Some of the above had MFP before this but never stuck with it, they've said that me guiding the way with my diary makes it easier.

    They know how uncomplicated I like things so they know if I can do it so can they!

    My team at work is also eating healthier as a whole. 1 of them uses MFP and the other 2 tried but they were given 1200 which was too low so they just eat better and move more. Which is GREAT!

    Even though I should be offended that people thinking 'Well if Pwnie can do it, so can I!' but I don't feel that way, I feel humbled and honoured to give people inspiration to take care of themselves.
  • XXXMinnieXXX
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    I really wish it would. Little sister joined for a few weeks, dropped about 7lbs that quit. She is currently well over 300lbs and it's breaking my heart. She is getting married next year too. All though it is inspiring to them, they can't seem to get the motivation. Wish I could do. Something, but I know as well as anyone else that you have to really want this for. Yourself.

    When they do I will be there, but I know I can't do anything until they are ready! Nobody could have done anything, and they did try until I was ready... Think when you first join mfp and your inputting everything it is a chore, but once it knows your regular foods nut becomes much less of a hassle. I can see why people find it overwhelming.

    I'm now the lightest female in my family, never been there before. They all keep gaining, whilst I keep losing. I hope something changes soon as I want them to have a better quality of life. X