First 5K nervous about buying shoes! I am in week 5 day 3 of couch to 5k. I am doing my first 5k November 4th for my kids' high school. My old crappy shoes died ( I needed new ones anyway because those were so old) I have been running barefoot on my treadmill. But it is time to invest in some good shoes (and a good bra). I'm going to Big River Running near my home because in my research, these guys seem to know what they are doing as far as doing a treadmill test and making appropriate recommendations. That said...OMG I am SOOOO nervous about judgement. I KNOW I have over a hundred pounds to lose. Please don't look at me with pity or worse yet...AVOID eye contact with me because my fat might somehow be contagious. I am stepping up to the plate and doing something about it. Movement has been my biggest challenge. (I used to run 6 miles a day and enjoyed it...till I seriously sprained an ankle and the doc said if I did it again I would need surgery...I'm terrified of I quit. Sad but true.)

SO...I'm off to get dressed and ready to go. Please offer advice on what types of shoes to look for. What to be careful about. How to know my sales guy is for real and not just trying to upsell...etc. I'll be back in 20 mins to see what y'all are helping me with. KNOW that I really appreciate you all SOOOOO much! You are seriously the reason I have come this far!

In proof reading...I guess I was rather all over the place. In summary, I need the following
-encouragement to go in with my head held high because I'm doing the right thing
-advice on what types of shoes to look for or avoid
-bra recommendations
-anything else y'all feel I should be aware of!



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    Your best bet is to go to a running store. They will watch you run on a treadmill and tell you what kind of shoes work best for you based upon the way that you run. I did that a few years ago and it was the best thing I could have done for my feet. Now when those shoes where out I just buy the same model shoe over again. It has been a couple of years so I might actually go back to the running store again.
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    I am currently 245lbs and I went to get my first pair of shoes last week to commence C25k, The guy in the shop was young and thin, but I have to say he was nothing but encouraging, I did the treadmill thing and he explained exactly what was what and what needed correcting. I tried on 3 different pairs of shoes and after much deliberation and more time on the treadmill I went with the most comfortable. There were other people in the shop (all shapes and sizes) some beginners some not and no one was judgemental.

    All in all it was a really positive experience and the shoes are soooo comfy. So i think if you go to the shop and they are anything other than helpful and supportive go somewhere else.

    They will recommend shoes for your foot type but ultimately you pick a pair that are comfortable for you.

    Bra's... i'm in the uk so not sure if brands are the same but i usually wear a shock absorber with a crop top or even a lycra rash vest over the top to minimise bounce!!

    Hope that helps
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    get the ones that look the coolest
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    What type - impossible to say. Let them fit you and make suggestions. I find there are differences in how brands fit so it's a very personal thing. All of the brands that most running store sell are pretty equal quality wise. What it comes down to is fit, that very individual. For example, I love Saucony, they are the best shoes for me. I hate Asics, they were terribly uncomfortable on my foot. I have found from these kind of discussion that those who like Asics dislike Saucony. There really is nothing wrong with either brand, it's just fit and preference.
    When I go to buy shoes, I don't look a price. I select by feel. The person can try to sell me the most expensive pair but if they don't fit right, I'm not buying them. I don't settle on a shoe because it's cheaper. I usually end up midrange.
    Also, check their return policy. I know my running store allows you try try them for a week or two on a treadmill and you can still return. Very useful.
    My favorite bra ever is Moving Comfort Fiona. I have heard a lot of good reviews on it too since I discovered it.

    Don't be worried about what they think, I guarantee they won't be looking at you like that.

    Good luck!
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    it's impossible to give shoe recommendations without first knowing your gait. you should go to a running store that can observe your gait and they will give you recommendations about the type of support you may need. for instance i run on the balls of my feet and can easily wear baerfoot style shoes while a good friend of mine is a overpronating heel striker so her shoe is totally different than mine since she needs more support at the heel and sides

    as for bras, enell and shock absorber are the best high impact bras at my size i've ever used
  • Let them do the fitting for you. They will be professional. I went to Fleet Feet where I live and the guy there was a seasoned runner, and was just so happy that someone new (and overweight) was joining the ranks of new runners. He watched my gait, and my foot placement and spent an hour or more bringing out shoes that would be best for me.

    I ran outside around the car park in them, trying each one out and came out of the store with a pair of Brooks Ghost 5. I love them, and I love Fleet Feet for being so professional and not trying to make me buy more expensive ones that I had tried. You will know which ones are the most comfortable for you once the professional there makes an assessment. Good luck!
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    I prefer Adidas they used to make a microwbouce, the best running shoe I ever had. I would say don't buy a cheap shoe.
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    Your best bet is to go to a running store. They will watch you run on a treadmill and tell you what kind of shoes work best for you based upon the way that you run. I did that a few years ago and it was the best thing I could have done for my feet. Now when those shoes where out I just buy the same model shoe over again. It has been a couple of years so I might actually go back to the running store again.

    It's called gait analysis.

    It can change over time, so don't just buy the same pair of running shoes. It's quite common to go from being slightly pronate to neutral.
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    If you're going to a running shop (and it's a good one), you shouldn't have to worry at all. They will watch you run, and they will know what to look for in your stride so they can bring you a few good selections. (If they don't ask to watch you run, don't buy shoes there.) A good running shop cares only about the fit and making sure you're getting what's right for you and your running conditions, and they won't just try to sell you the most expensive. If you're worried about cost, tell them up front that you're on a budget, but you'd like the best shoe you can afford, so that this info can help guide them in which shoes for you to try (because they will have a lot of choices, both high end and more economical).

    And good for you! Be proud not nervous, you're a runner!
  • Don't be nervous! I was so self-conscious when I went out to buy my shoes, because I'd only been running for a couple of weeks and I was embarrassed. But I went to a good running store, explained to them where I was in my training, etc., and they were great! First they had me put on a "neutral" pair of shoes and run for about half a block so they could see what my gait was doing (some places do this on a treadmill). Then we tried out several different kinds of shoes until we found the one that was most comfortable for me and suited my gait. They asked a lot of questions about whether I was getting any muscle/joint pain when I run, what surfaces I run on, how far, how often, etc. They were totally awesome and not judge-y.
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    Here is the thing that I've found in going to the running store or trail running. The other runners seem to just be happy to see other people out running, they seem to love seeing someone starting out (it seems like especially overweight people) and are excited to see you join them in their hobby. Nobody has ever been anything but nice to me, even when I was 20 lbs heavier (I'm still over 100 lbs overweight) and obviously struggling.

    The people at the running store have been great, don't be embarrassed. Hold your head high, you are a runner and every bit as legit as the thin ones.

    As for bras, my personal favorite is the Anita extreme support bra. It holds them in place & minimizes bounce while not crushing them. The straps are thick and padded, the back is breathable mesh, and they have a clasp in the back so I don't have to wrestle it over my head to get it on. I still have some movement in them when I do jumping jacks, but that's just fine with me. They stay put perfectly when I run. I don't even think about them, which is the point. But, I think that a buying a good sports bra is like buying running shoes - everyone's needs are different and it's important to get fitted. Price should not be the determining factor.
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    OK...THANK YOU ALL! You were RIGHT ON about how nice they were and informative. They had a track around the store and the gal had me walk quite a bit around...back and then in every shoe she put me in before we FINALLY found the right ones! Oh my GOODNESS what a difference. When I put these on it was almost like the scene in Harry Potter when he got the RIGHT wand! (I'm such a geek!) It was THAT instant! I bought some socks too (I have never bought such expensive socks!). And they are holding the only bra that came close to the right size. She called around to other stores, and it turns out the one I need doesn't guess I have to go with the second choice. I had to go to Walmart for some stuff, so I looked at their sports bras...yeah..NO cup sizes..just S, M, L, XL...really? Grumble. So I guess I will wait and spend the big bucks on the second choice bra. But as I am still losing, I don't expect it to fit that long.

    Oh...My shoes are called Brooks. They have the bigger toe box and plenty of cushion for my heel spur. Looking forward to my workout tonight.
    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the info. I am especially happy with your words of encouragement and positive experiences with everyone being NICE to you! My sales lady was FABULOUS and nobody gave me even a sideways smirk!

    THANK YOU!!!
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    I'm so glad you had a good experience. I recently got fitted at a specialty running store too, and I'm very happy with my shoes. The associate was a good 50 pounds smaller than me, but she was very helpful and nonjudgmental.

    My recommendation for a good sports bra are the shock absorbers. I believe most of them run about $50, but they hold up really well. I believe you can order them on amazon. At my heaviest, I wore a 38G and that bra convinced me that I was able to jog.

    Good luck!
  • meshashesha2012
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    glad you found the right shoes!

    i also just bought a pair of brooks recently (pure connect)..

    and dont knock good socks!! i've bought so many pair of "athletic" socks that suck for athletics that it's crazy.

    for the bra i'd suggest taking it back. and spending that $$ on one that will work. all sports bras are not created equal and if you get an ill fitting one, bounce will be the least of your worries. i've worn incorrect sports bras (incorrect one for my body and boobs) for running and ended up with torn skin near the bra straps, on the inside of my boobs where they rubbed together, and underneath from th band. trust me, these little injuries might not seem like much... until you step into a shower...