The truth about WATER

I know that it's important to stay hydrated for overall health, especially if you sweat a lot (which I do). But I feel like I don't really fully understand the benefits and how they can pertain to weight loss...I've heard people say that they 'feel better' when they drink more water and that it helps flush out your system or what not...but those seem like kind of wishy-washy statements. I also know some people swear that drinking more water helps them to lose weight and/or stay at a healthy Anyone have some insight? I definitely don't drink enough of it...and I've realized of late that I do often feel bloated, especially after the weekends when I tend to eat more crap and consume more alcohol. I know there's obviously no "magic cure" but could adding more water to my daily intake really make any significant difference? I've been trying to drink more today...we'll see how it goes!


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    The human body is made up of 70% water - that reason alone is enough to drink up :)

    From a weightloss standpoint - I'm not sure how it effects a person. Would be curious to see the answer to this too. I personally just drink water because it's essential.
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    I dont have scientific answers but I can tell you what I do and why.

    I aim for 100 ounces a day. This does several things for me.

    1. Keeps me from getting really hungry.
    2. Makes me get up and out of my office to replenish my water bottle and go to the bathroom.
    3. If I get hungry after a meal, I drink at least 2 cups of water to make sure that it is actually hunger and not thirst. Sometimes this keeps me from unnecessary eating.
    4. If I go over on sodium, I try to drink a few extra cups to flush it out and avoid puffiness the next day.

    It works for me. It might not for you. When I first started, I didnt aim that high but I can do 100oz very easy most days. I trip up on weekends. Good luck though.
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    It's simple, drinking water fills you up so you eat less. Drink a glass of water before a meal and you're likely to eat less. (I've also read that sometimes we confuse being thirsty with being hungry, so someone will think they're hungry when all they need is water.) Also, your body burns calories heating up ice water, although the benefit is fairly negligible (~7 calories per 8 oz). The flushing out your system is true (it flushes your kidneys), but that doesn't really pertain to weight loss.

    And if you're drinking alcohol you should be drinking more water because alcohol dehydrates you (which is what causes hangovers).
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    It's a bit like putting oil in your car. It's not the fuel that makes it go, but it ensures all the bits and parts can operate smoothly
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    proper hydration allows the body burn calories more efficently, it keeps the muscles and joints lubricated, keeps the kidneys functioning and helps the bowel to eliminate wastes properly. the two most important things in weight loss are fiber and water.
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    I'm no scientist but I've read most of these things.

    The more water you consistently drink the less you will retain because your body expects that there will be more to replenish you. You need water for your body to function providing water is like a catalyst that helps your body digest food & energy more efficiently. The more water you drink the less calories you drink / less chemicals you put in your body in the way of artificial sweeteners ect. The more hydrated you are the better you will perform during exercise. I've also hear that drinking alot of water keeps your muscles hydrated & looking a bit fuller????
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    Apart from what others have already said, the sensation for thirst is often mistaken as hunger and so people will prioritize food before they think they're actually dehydrated. Many a time, if you sip water occasionally throughout the day before going straight for food, you'll find yourself hungry less often because you're satiating the thirst preemptively. Water is above all the number one thing your body needs to perform everything it does. You can go days without food energy, but you'd last longer if that hydration was available.

    I find water is the most satisfying to quench thirst. I can drink a smoothie or a juice or a tea, and that's fine and dandy, but water hits the spot in a very different way. Sugary drinks are dehydrating, caffeinated things act like diuretics, and the thicker drinks are more substantially filling than they are thirst quenching.
  • I remember hearing that one reason to drink water to lose weight is that it can be easy to consume too many calories from foods that contain liquids. For instance, ice cream contains water...fruit cocktail does, soda and milkshakes, etc. When overeating in a period before a diet, a person might have been consuming a large number of those foods instead of water - so they may not realize the need for water as distinct from a need for calories. If you aren't used to making healthy additions when dieting and are only focused on cutting out things(i.e. no soda, no milkshakes), rather than adding in healthy things(protein, fiber, water, vegetables) you might end up getting weak during the diet from dehydration or other effects. I have to remind myself to add in more water, protein and vegetables every day.
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    my take on water....drink water when you are thirsty!!! not thirsty?? then don't drink water LOL
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    could adding more water to my daily intake really make any significant difference? I've been trying to drink more today...we'll see how it goes!
    Try to keep this experiment going for 4-6 weeks and see how it works out.

    Drinking plenty of water works well for me. I can't offer up any scientific study as to why it works for me, I just know that my overall health is better when I get plenty of water.
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    I definitely don't drink enough of it...and I've realized of late that I do often feel bloated, especially after the weekends when I tend to eat more crap and consume more alcohol.

    I will definitely feel bloated (and be bloated) when I haven't had enough water. AND...once I am bloated, if I drink enough water, it will flush it all out. It's one of the best remedies for bloating.

    Also, like someone else already said, alot of times you'll feel hungry when in reality you're often dehydrated. Water DOES make you feel full so you're likely not to overeat if you consume adequate amounts. It's zero calories. I prefer not to drink any calories. It is the BEST thirst quencher in my opinion. There's just so many positives about water. It's good for you.
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    Lots of great points in this thread. I aim for 2+ gallons a day myself, but I am a lot bigger than most people.