Hello Everyone, I'm not new here but I deleted my old account and so I could start over fresh. I fell off the wagon for a good long time and needed a fresh start.

I have gained 8 lbs since July and 2 days ago quit smoking again. I'm overweight and can't afford to put any more weight on. I'm looking for friends who are willing to support my weight loss and my new journey of not smoking. Warning sometimes I can be a whiner but most of the time I just like to have fun in what ever I do.

I have lost weight before doing weight watchers about 4 yrs. ago, I gained it all back and haven't been able to lose it again despite everything I learned at weight watchers.

I don't have any friends right now so, please add me and send me a quick message to introduce yourself



  • AEFidgets
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    Hello Anna,

    Welcome back to MFP. I technically started in July when I downloaded the app but didn't really commit until earlier this month. That's when my husband jumped on boars with me. Here's hoping we have success!!
  • acidglaze
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    Hi Anna,

    I too first opened my account almost 2 years ago, but really only dedicated myself a few months ago. My wife is on here also and she has done weight watchers in the past. She seems to like this better since you're focusing more on what your food has in it total vs simply doing a points count. And with both of us doing it now, it's easier for me to tell her how many calories, fat, protein, etc instead of trying to figure out a point.