A small victory, or a huge step?

Tonight I was invited out to take in a stand up show at a club downtown. I love stand up and went. When I got there the place had a two drink minimum rule. Which you pay for the drinks up front and they give you tickets to redeem for drinks from the bartender. I do not drink. They said it wasn't optional. So my friend bought my two drinks too and said he would just have 4 lol, which he said was perfectly fine for him since I would be driving. Afterwords he wanted to stop at a place and get something to eat, which I had no problems with :) all of the options looked very good. I said that I wasn't hungry and just stuck to my water. We had a fun time! The part of it that was huge for me was that this has been the first time I'd gone to a club since I quit drinking, and I was able to turn down tempting but very bad food as well. :) I'm so proud of myself. The old me would've drank way too much and ate way too much, now I can finally say I am a completely changed person (for the better)