ok did the HCG and put it back on...

Hi guys
I did the HCG diet and was pretty amazed at how fast the weight fell off and of course pleased.
SO I stopped and of course I put on all the weight again :( Not an easy diet to maintain.
so I'm now on MFP and exercising being more sensible, just the weight is not coming off only very slowly like 1kg in
3 weeks and I've been below my 1200 cals.
Any suggestions??
I am thinking of trying a protein shake for breakfast and for lunch and dinner I am pretty good with protein and veges. I'm also trying to really watch my portion sizes.

Any suggestions??


  • You may be consuming too few calories and putting your body/metabolism into starvation mode.
    Take a look at the portions of macro nutrients you are consuming, and consider lowering the carbs and increase the healthy fats (olive, coconut, grape seed oils).
    The HGC is a really tough/stressful diet (on the body) and your cortisol and adrenal function may need to recover.

    The MFP calculator will let you adjust your carb intake (in the diary section) .

    I do intermittent fasting, and by just putting a table spoon of coconut oil in my coffee, I can keep my metabolism cranking, and convince my body that I am not starving, even through I am restricting my caloric intake.

    More info at: (just google)
    The perfect health diet,, Underground wellness, or check out The Cortisol Connection.

    Hope this helps
  • sonyalear2012
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    You have got to eat to lose! Eat more calories and eat 6 small meals instead of 3 big ones..
  • Natx83
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    Stop trolling.

    Seriously. Just eat real food, stay within your calorie goals, exercise. Be paitient and you will get results.
  • Athijade
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    You have got to eat to lose! Eat more calories...

    ...eat 6 small meals instead of 3 big ones..

    Not unless you want to. Meal timing and frequency are personal preferences. They are NOT required.
  • rebeccarhue
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    I just found this link a few days ago. You must eat to lose. I've been doing this for the last few days and have already lost 1/2 lb. Before I was keeping my calories low and not getting anywhere. This really helped.
    Keep at it don't give up.
  • crazybookworm
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    Eat to lose! Up your calories to at least 1,500-1,600 calories and NET around 1,200-1,300. Also. Exercise! Change up your exercise routine about every 3-4 workouts. Don't let that body fall into a routine. Keep it guessing! How your eat is up to you. I'm a snacker, so I like to eat smaller meals and I snack throughout the day. Do what works best for you.

    Good luck!
  • thanks everyone! Great advice will read that info
    cheers from New Zealand!! X