Cooking day

Since I've returned to work full time plus, I've found my eating habits have slipped considerably. I grab what ever is fast or convenient, and that is usually something prepackaged, or restaurant food. It's too high in sodium, fat and carbs, and there isn't nearly enough fiber or vegetables in most take out.

So today I'm spending a couple of hours in the kitchen working on food prep of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I
purchased large sized packages of fresh chicken breast, frozen fruit and veggies, and will steam up a large pot of brown rice for dinners. Then all I have to do is either pop a meal into my lunch box or on my plate for dinner. It takes the same amount of time to steam 10 servings of rice as it does a single serving. Ditto with baking chicken breasts. I'll hard boil a dozen eggs, cook up a large pot of hot cereal and make a frittata to portion out for super fast and easy breakfasts.

I have cans of beans to mix together with the rice and veg, for variety. I also have a couple of different seasoning combos I can throw together quickly for plenty of variety.

I think I'm finally figuring out how this whole working full time thing works. :-)