I could use some prayer right now.

This has been a very difficult and emotional year for me. I have just simply been lost. Now I wont bore you with all of my sad details other than to say that I believe in the power of prayer. So I ask you to pray for me so that God and I can work this out. I now totally understand feelings of worthlessness and fear. But hopefully things are changing I start a new job next week and pray that it is great for me. If you are willing to give of yourself and pray I will be happy to return the favpr. I love this forum and have found people on here to be thoughtful and supportive. Thanks


  • ctgirlscout
    ctgirlscout Posts: 90 Member
    You have my prayers. I am going through a lot right now as well, so I totally understand. By the way, I am also from Alabama.
  • juliette28
    You got it! Hang in there...".this too shall pass." :flowerforyou:
  • raindancer
    raindancer Posts: 993 Member
    You got it, my friend. I hope my prayers bring you peace and understanding of your challenges. A fresh start is always a little scary.
    Just hang in there!! (((HUG)))
  • dawnmarie1115
    dawnmarie1115 Posts: 28 Member
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God blessings be bestowed upon you at your new job! :heart:
  • Ripacheco
    No matter what they say...

    There is more happiness than sorrow in the world
    There are more flowers on land than red ones the sea
    There is more blue in the sky than dark clouds
    There is more light than darkness
    There are more forgiving people than the ones who condem and hate
    The people want peace and fall in love
    Adoring what is beautiful and nothing more
    There is much more love than hatred
    More kisses and hugs than bad attitudes
    People have faith in the next life
    And they fight for good not for evil...

  • SarahAFerguson
    SarahAFerguson Posts: 250 Member
    You are not worthless! Remember, " perfect love casts out fear".
  • donna_l_49
    donna_l_49 Posts: 17 Member
    Sending prayers your way.
  • johnny059qn
    johnny059qn Posts: 163 Member
    I just prayed for you.

    I prayed for success in your new job.
    I prayed for God to help you in your time of need.
    I prayed for God to comfort you and ease your pain.

    T'was Grace that taught...
    my heart to fear.
    And Grace, my fears relieved.
    How precious did that Grace appear...
    the hour I first believed.
  • Slove009
    Slove009 Posts: 364 Member
    I'll keep you in my prayers and pray for your success in your new job!

    All of us kitty avatar MFPers need to stick together!
  • sadye58
    sadye58 Posts: 55
    Don't give up! Praying for you now....The best is yet to come!
  • brendaberberich
    brendaberberich Posts: 2 Member
    Sending prayers your way!!!
  • piersons
    piersons Posts: 51 Member
    My prayers are with you... be blessed.