Gastric bypass welcome here?

hi all,
yesterday i posted a shout out as being new to the forum and detailing my experience with the surgery and basically throwing it out there that people who are on here should stick with it using these methods. Not that ist any big deal about the hi, but being the only post without a hi back kinda makes me wonder. I dont want to offend anyone if this is the case.


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    Good morning neighbor and welcome to MFP! If you go to the search option and type in gastric bypass you should find some threats with people who have had it done or are considering having it done. You can also add me if you like:flowerforyou:
  • I had gastric too. You are welcome to add me as a friend. I am new on here as well. Struggling with whether I should be happy where I am or keep pushing to be smaller. Is smaller nessesarily healthier for my body type? I too posted in a forum and got no replies. Below is what I posted:

    I am 30 years old and had gastric bypass a year ago september. Best decision of my life. I was 270 and right now I am teetering between 124-128. I really would like to be 115-120. The doctor said to expect to be about 135 for my size so i guess I am okay there. It is just hard to get out of the mindset that I need to loose weight (that's the mindset for the last year) and I eat a ton, mainly healthy and what I am supposed to but lately I have been going off track a bit and have still been loosing. I went on here and before dinner even, according to fitnesspal I am over my calories recommended by 200. Since I only absorb half of what I eat (I had RNY with Hernia repair) I am wondering if I can even use that as a guideline or kinda feel my way through. I have been eating like I have and continue to loose weight. According to what they said I should only take in 1,350 calories. so I am wondering if I should just watch what I eat and be happy where I am or do I push to be the 120lb person I want to be?
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    everyone is welcome! (even the haters unfortunately)
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    There are literally thousands of new posts every day. The topics change so quickly that lots of threads get overlooked here. Don't take it personally.

    Welcome to the site, you'll find lots of people here who have had gastric bypass surgery.
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    Hi I don't know anything about gastric bypass, but welcome to mfp. If you want another friend I'm here, just add me.
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    I had gastric several years ago and while it helped me lose 145 lbs I wasn't good about keeping up with what needed to be done and gained back 80.
    Since joining MFP I've re-lost 42 of that. No one has ever criticized me for being a gastric bypass re-bounder.
    Besides, just stick to your own program, let the haters hate, and just add the "friends" that are supportive!
    Good luck!
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    There are several Groups here that you might want to look at or join:

    Go to Groups (in the blue bar at the top here^^)

    In the "Find a Group" search bar, type Gastric Bypass. There are several groups.
  • upsguy u can add me if u want:) encouragement is a good thing :)
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    You should definitely join the gastric bypass/weight loss surgery groups on MFP.
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    I am fairly new to mfp also. I had been using it on my phone, but didn't realize I could access it on the computer so there was a whole world there I knew nothing about. I just found this out a few weeks ago and started reading the blogs and posts. I haven't responded to any until today. I soon will celebrate 1 year since I had gastric bypass. I got a slow start after surgery due to complications, but then I started losing. I had been on a diet prior to surgery and so altogether I have lost 102 lbs. However, during the past 3 months, my progress has slowed down tremendously. I have lost 10 lbs in 3 months. This is a lot slower than many gastric bypass patients and I am trying not to get frustrated. I am keeping myself on track with mfp. I am recording my food, water, and exercise. One of the gotta do ems is to keep a diary and this is my way of doing that. Good luck to you on your journey. Please feel free to add me as a friend. I am sure I will be a long term friend because I have a good ways to go to reach goal.
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    I had gastric bypass 24 years ago but still struggle with my weight. MFP is a great tool and there is a lot of support. Welcome!
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    There are plenty of others here who have had gastric bypass. There are also going to be plenty of people that disapprove of it, but pay them no mind. It seems that no matter what you do, gastric bypass, paleo, vegan, etc. there are always some haters. But you will get good support here too!