NSV for me!!

This past Saturday was the first time that I would have eaten something that I hadn't made for myself. I have been avoiding social situations so that I wouldn't be tempted.

You see, it was my aunt's 80th Birthday and they planned a HUGE shindig for the whole family. And my family is huge!! Over 125 people showed up.

I knew the food was going to be excellent. I knew the cake would be from the best bakery, and I knew there would be an open bar. And I knew that people would insist I eat, drink & be merry.

So what did I do? I ate at home beforehand! I even included my nightly dessert treat (usually yogurt).

When I got there I was right. Best food ever! Rice, beans, and those little soft shelled tacos with meat, cilantro & onions. Something in the past that I would have had 2-3 servings of.

And when they brought out cake, I went inside and talked with people in there, knowing that they would be the last to be served cake. And when the cake finally got around to them I went outside because i knew those people would be done with theirs.

Didn't drink because I was driving (that was pretty easy to avoid) and just kept a water bottle in my hand the whole time.

I was lucky. Too many people there for anyone to see that I wasn't eating or drinking. And when I was asked to get my plate I always said, "I'll wait till the line is shorter".

Was it hard? Hell yes!! But I did it! And now I know I can do it again at other gatherings!


  • joannathechef
    joannathechef Posts: 484 Member
    I know you are proud of your restraint.

    I hope you get to the point when you can pick some items and eat them and no more at the party it would be sad if you deny yourself all the time...but great job
  • deb3129
    deb3129 Posts: 1,294 Member
    Good job! That is HUGE. I understand completely how hard that kind of stuff is. But when it is over, and you know you did the right thing, it feels so GOOD!!!!
  • lorettaasmith
    lorettaasmith Posts: 418 Member
    Way to think ahead!! You exercised way more willpower than I could have!
  • Sharlaew
    Sharlaew Posts: 30 Member
    Good for you! I've been thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and wondering how that is going to go. I haven't had to worry about a birthday party lately, but several are coming up. I hope I'm able to be as strong as you!
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