Anybody do IF? How do you do it, and is it working for you?

Subject pretty much sums up my question. :smile:


  • JenW1973
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    And IF means.....?
  • kevokie
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    I have been doing it since the start of this week. I'm not really following any strict guidelines. I'm striving for a 14-16 hour fast with 8-10 hour eating window. I like it so far. I typically just skip breakfast because I am never really hungry in the morning...except today. haha. I try to start eating around noon and finish by 8pm. It works out great with my work schedule. I work as a paramedic and never know when I will be able to eat, but when I do, I can usually load up...within my daily calorie limit of course. I'm also doing it in conjunction with a keto lifestyle. I like it, it works for me so far. Good luck!

    Edit for definition of IF. Intermittent fasting.
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    I do mine a bit differently than most. Still fast the 16 hours, but i get 80 to 90% of my calories in before my night time workout. Never a big eater after a workout, just really want to go to bed.
  • Cranktastic
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    I dont really time it, but I eat my calories later in the day and love works for me.
  • Chief_Rocka
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    Loosely, yes.

    IF, combined with calorie cycling, was the best change I've ever made to diet. Everything that I was struggling with: vegetable intake, cheat meals, and satiety became much less of a struggle.
  • pullipgirl
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    It makes calorie counting easier for me, I just eat larger 2-3 meals a day and no snacks I fast from 6pm - around 11am and sometimes I do 24 hour fasts
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    I suppose I IF... I don't eat after 6pm and normally eat again around 11am the next day?