October mileage totals

arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
Call 'em in people!

How much did you moonwalk, river dance, run, walk, roll or otherwise?


  • dane11235813
    dane11235813 Posts: 684 Member
    i ran 13.1 miles in a race one day in october and then pretty much forgot to train the rest of the month. i'll check back in november with a decent number.
  • Legs_McGee
    Legs_McGee Posts: 845 Member
    Ran 126 miles
  • dane11235813
    dane11235813 Posts: 684 Member
    i'm going to guess you were close to 200 miles Arc
  • RedHotRunner
    RedHotRunner Posts: 850 Member
    Off month for me between taper/race recovery and surgery. Only 78.

    November will be much better with a scheduled half on Dec 9th.
  • LoraF83
    LoraF83 Posts: 15,694 Member
    Only 19.6 miles - hoping to add another 2-3 miles tonight.

    Not much, but it sure beats where I was a year ago :laugh:
  • n0ob
    n0ob Posts: 2,390 Member
    0 besides getting me from point A to point B in everyday life...
  • arc918
    arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
    I ran 212.3

    I moonwalked 800 meters and river danced for an hour or two
  • MissFit0101
    MissFit0101 Posts: 2,382
  • marikevr
    marikevr Posts: 389 Member
    Just over a 100 miles with the taper before the marathon and a rest week thereafter. Upping the mileage again from this week.

    (and only runners would say ONLY 78!):bigsmile:
  • Lityboy
    Lityboy Posts: 37
    141 miles this month of October.

    Not bad. Gonna try to do better in November.
  • arc918
    arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
    If anyone if looking for a free on-line running log, I like runningahead.com
  • arc918
    arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
    Great job everyone!
  • iWaffle
    iWaffle Posts: 2,208 Member
    68.7 miles running but I didn't keep track of moon-walking distance or warm-up mileage. Let's just call it an even 70.
  • katrwal
    katrwal Posts: 336 Member
    Kind of surprised... ran 70.3 miles, walked 69.1 miles, then broke my stupid ankle on the 25th... guess i'll check in again in January (although i'm going to start hobbling on my walking cast as soon as the doc lets me)...
  • Bossit
    Bossit Posts: 118 Member
    ran 117 plus a bunch of dancing on the weekends :D
  • DontThinkJustRun
    DontThinkJustRun Posts: 248 Member
    96 miles this month for me...time to step it up!
  • yokurio
    yokurio Posts: 116 Member
    Ran my first marathon Oct 21st, met my goal of under 4 hours.
  • rybo
    rybo Posts: 5,424 Member
    I got 77 miles in. If not for hurricane sandy, would have added about 10-12 more to that.
  • Im_NotPerfect
    Im_NotPerfect Posts: 2,181 Member
    Got 24.5 miles running in and around 24 miles of stationary biking in.
  • halejr23
    halejr23 Posts: 294
    73.1 running
    37.0 cycling
    2.0 walking

    Total distance 112.1
    Total duration 15:26:20
    Total calories 10,585 (does not include resistance and yoga workouts)