Fitbit Questions

I am thinking about getting one, but I have a few questions. Does it estimate your calories burned or does it give a more accurate number? Meaning, if you wear it all day, does it account for heavy lifting activities as much as how many steps you take? If you have the fitbit, do you like it? Is there something else you would suggest?


  • johned63
    johned63 Posts: 306 Member

    I really like my fitbit, but it's main function is tracking how many steps you take and how many floors you have climbed.. When you set up your account you enter in your height, weight, gender, age, etc and it calculates your BMR. Starting at midnight each day it will then show you how many calories you have burned from BMR and walking activities.

    Other activities such as circuit training, swimming, etc can be added in manually as an activity just like you can add it at MFP.

    I like to think of my fitbit as one of the tools in my toolbox, it serves the purpose of helping me make my walking goals. While I can track calories on the website I prefer to use MFP as my tool for that because it has a much broader database.

    I hope that helps a bit.
  • jaz050465
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    Lots of people use fitbit for daily activities and HRM for exercise (if they do weight training or on walking exercise). Have you looked at Bodybugg/ body media and the original STRIIV and the new STRIIV play?