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Does anyone use the firm workout video? If so what kind of results did you have by using them.


  • RajwaJ
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    I would like to know this too. Going to start Slim in 30 today. :)
  • I have been using The Firm videos since the 80's (They have released the 80's videos on DVD recently). Anyway, some are better than others and I like some of the instructors better than others. They are similar to Jillian Michaels workouts. They are just as tough, but I think they are more fun. The ones I recommend are Hard Core Fusion, Pump, Jump and Jab (I like kickboxing), The 500 Calorie Workout, Calorie Explosion, Total Body Toner, Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn, and Time Crunch Cardio. They are cardio combined with weights. You can watch clips of them on

    I think they work great. I rotate these with yoga videos and do it everyday. I am 49 and maintain my 120 weight. I have muscle definition in my arms and a flat stomach and muscular legs. I also hike, but that and the videos are pretty much all I do. So, I would say the Firm has worked for me.
  • I LOVE The Firm. It's a no nonsense total body workout. My only problem is . . . I'm not sure how to log them on my daily diary? I'm a newbie so maybe this is easy and I just haven't figured it out yet.