i smell ammonia in my nose after a workout

i've noticed the smell of ammonia in my nose after a workout and never really put much thought into it. after this evenings workout, i was typing away at the computer and the smell kept overwhelming me. i thought, since i'm already on the computer, i'll type it in and see what happens. to my surprise, this is actually quite common. from what i understand, it's a result of not enough carbohydrates in the body resulting in too much protein or ketones, thus making the kidneys work overtime?! i'll admit, i'm not that savvy when it comes to all of these exercise/medical terms, so can someone explain this to me in simple terms? some sites suggest seeing my doctor asap - what do you think?

glad i'm not the only one experiencing this though :frown:


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    OMG this happens to me. I never thought to look it up because I didn't think it was a big deal. I probably eat too many carbs though. I want more information now :)
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    I never heard of it - amazing


    When too much nitrogen is present in your system, your body depends on the kidneys to process the excess nitrogen. This process creates urea, which can then be expelled through your urine. However, when there is too much for the kidneys to even process, then the excess nitrogen is secreted as ammonia through your sweat. When you exercise and sweat at a greater rate than normal, enough ammonia escapes for you to actually smell it.
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    it's called KETOSIS...and it happens when you eat too few carbs for your body's needs...or increase your protein to carb ratio...if it happens to you, just eat some carbs, it happened to me this weekend and I just ate 4 Kings Hawaiian dinner rolls...this did change the whole picture...
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    This happens to me too!
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    You do not want to overload kidneys and ruin them. Might be a time to search on line on how to help kidneys to take a load of.

    I found this info about too much protein.



    Although your body will eliminate excess protein in your daily diet, the extra protein must first go through your body. Your kidneys and liver must break it down for release in your urine. When you consume too much protein, your kidneys and liver may have difficulty filtering all the waste products that are created. This can cause adverse symptoms, including mental confusion and fatigue. While short-term excess protein intake may not harm your body, the effects of long-term protein intake are unknown.