The other day I reached a huge milestone, I wear size 32 pants now. When I started this journey my 38's were getting snug on me. I couldn't believe they fit...so I tried on another pair....then a third pair in a differnt brand, and yes all 3 fit perfectly!!!! Needless to say I bought all 3 lol. I didn't ever think I would be wearing 32 sized pants and large shirts without the x or xx behind it. :)


  • erinxo13
    erinxo13 Posts: 892 Member
    amazing!! I love that kind of NSV! I've gone down a few pant sizes already and I almost cried lol.
  • lilpoindexter
    lilpoindexter Posts: 1,122 Member
    I'm 5' 11"...was around 250, now 200...I used to use 42's but they were starting to get tight, so I thought I was going to need to go up to 44's...then I started losing weight, and I bought some 36's which are now kind of loose...I think I might be ready for some 34's...lol
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