5 months down; same weight different body

5 months down; same weight different body, BUT not anywhere near as much as I had hoped for (down inches and body fat but not lbs!)

I've just finished Insanity and have just begun ChaLean Extreme on Monday - I'm hoping the weights/resistance bands will help me burn more calories so I get the body I want. Also I found doing Insanity - with that amount of cardio I was pumped up initially for a few hours after doing it but then just felt exhausted after.

Anyone got any tips or programmes that they would suggest I could try alongside Chalean?

Thanks. x


  • awolf2011
    awolf2011 Posts: 265 Member
    You look fabulous!! :happy: I say keep doing what you are doing cause it seems to be working. I hope that you are feeling good about your accomplishments so far....
  • ChristineDiet
    ChristineDiet Posts: 719 Member
    Thank you. It's taken till now for me to actually see a difference. I do feel different - I have moe energy (well sometimes - I have 3 kids and that keeps me busy and tired!!!!)

    I was just hoping for more - I guess we all are!