Gym machines

Ok I'm sure there will be many who pour scorn on the machines in favour of free weights and I wouldn't dare argue; however there are times - training alone for example, where the machines are invaluable

I've just started using the Smiths machine for my bench press and it's been brilliant for my bad shoulder

We've also got a tricep dips machine that I'm loving

Have you any favourites?


  • Trudyr777
    Trudyr777 Posts: 573 Member
    I love the assisted pull up machine!!
  • FullOfWin
    FullOfWin Posts: 1,414 Member
    I don't use any machines, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would say the cross over cable tower.
  • n0ob
    n0ob Posts: 2,390 Member
    Lat pulldown, it's "brah" accepted.
  • FullOfWin
    FullOfWin Posts: 1,414 Member
    Lat pulldown, it's "brah" accepted.

    No way brah. Pull ups or GTFO!
  • morningmud
    morningmud Posts: 477 Member
    The only machines I use these days are the assisted dip/pull-up and the leg machines (extensions, curls, and press). I do love me some free weights.
  • n0ob
    n0ob Posts: 2,390 Member
    Lat pulldown, it's "brah" accepted.

    No way brah. Pull ups or GTFO!

    Oh, you've never run into the problem of not having a belt to add weight or else bang out a million reps?

    Sometimes the lat pulldown is the only way to add enough weight.
  • EatClenTrenHard
    EatClenTrenHard Posts: 339 Member
    Machines were the hit in 1960's

    Elite bodybuilders praised machines.

    Now everyone praises free weights

    In 50 years it will be machines again.....

    Weight is weight. Doesnt matter what it is. Proper form is what is important.
  • Ge0rgiana
    Ge0rgiana Posts: 1,649 Member
    They are good for rehab stuff. I've used them to help strengthen the muscles around my bad knee.
  • pamelak5
    pamelak5 Posts: 327 Member
    When lifting alone, I ask people for a spot if I need it - I have never been turned down, and people have always been nice about it. I just make sure to ask while they are in between sets or something so I am not interrupting their workout.

    I get leg curls and extensions, sort of - but for leg presses, why wouldn't you just do body weight squats? Or squats with a barbell/dumbbells?
  • wellbert
    wellbert Posts: 3,924 Member
    my favorite gym machine is me.
  • elprincipito
    elprincipito Posts: 1,200 Member
    I agree with Lat Pulldown. I don't think i use any other machines, at least not often.
    Actually I also always used the Decline Iso Lateral press