MFP Sugar Recommendations

Hi, everyone!

Relatively new to MFP (signed up a month ago and forgot about it until about 4 days ago). I'm noticing something as I log my food: it is very easy to go over the daily recommended sugar intake!

Do people hear regularly stay within the recommended limits? How do you do it? I don't really feel like cutting out much fruit, to be honest.

Feel free to look at my food log and give me suggestions (please ignore the donut from a few days ago-- moment of weakness and all!)



  • tschaff04
    tschaff04 Posts: 296 Member
    I know some ppl here do track sugar intake. I do not. I only track my calories and it works well for me. For snacks I tend to eat fruit and it's way to easy to go over in sugar.
  • SameMe_JustLess
    SameMe_JustLess Posts: 245 Member
    I pay no attention to the sugar. If I was eating a Snickers for breakfast that would be one thing, but I like to have a banana for breakfast! I did not get fat from a banana a day! =)