Breaking down the nutrition of recipes

I'm new to MFP so maybe there is something on here and I don't know it yet, but on weight watchers you can enter a recipe and then it will break it down into serving sizes and nutritional values. Unlike many people these days I actually cook and the time is coming when I will be making casseroles and chili etc. and I don't have any idea how I'm going to be able to log this information. Can anyone help??


  • rockerbabyy
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    Food tab> Recipes>Enter New Recipe
    you can enter all the ingredients, and then tell it how many servings you want it to be and it calculates the calories etc.
    for soups/chilis i usually use 1 cup as a serving size - then i know if my recipe makes 10 cups, theres ten servings.
  • Nalgh94
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    I love the enter my recipe here, makes me watch how I cook/bake and makes logging in food much more accurate. Good luck
  • Railr0aderTony
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    Use the recipe tab under the food catagory, you make a recipe and enter ingredients and it will put all the info in for you, it is a little tricky to master but once you do it will be a snap, I use it almost everyday. the one trick is figuring out how many servings you are going to have. what I do is make a guestimate and then after i am finished, I measure out the final product(if soup or chili- per cup) then enter the correted number in the recipe and save it. then it will be there for you to add to your diary.
  • wibutterflymagic
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    Thanks everyone!! That is the one area I haven't looked at yet. I just assumed it was an area to get recipes from.'s true what they say about assuming!:wink:
  • AnikaP81
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    That is what the other MFP members are here for :) I love the recipe function. That way I don't have to use a "guesstimate" from the database :)