When did you start to notice changes off of the scale?

I'm new to myfitnesspal, and only about a week into logging my calories. It's been successful so far (5 lbs down from my starting weight) but I'm not physically feeling different size-wise (not that I expected to see changes this early in the journey).

It just made me curious -- what were some of the first changes you noticed, and about how far into your journey did you notice them??


  • Sparlingo
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    No one?
  • mjrkearney
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    Honestly, due to a drastic change in diet I lost 8 pounds in 8 days and by the end of that first week my pants were falling down.
  • tl_dr
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    I was about 20 pounds in when I noticed small changes--my clothes were starting to get loose, I could fit into old jeans that had been hoarded in the back of my closet for five years, people started mentioning that I looked thinner.

    I'm now about 30 pounds in and I'm slowly becoming more and more aware of the larger changes that are happening. Despite not getting a whole lot of exercise (my weight loss is mostly diet-based as I haven't had much of an opportunity to work out this semester), physical activity is a lot easier. Running half a mile after not working out for two months is a breeze compared to when I was working out regularly but weighed almost 200 pounds. Imagine running with a backpack stuffed with 30 pounds of rocks--the extra weight really does make a difference.
    On top of that, my stomach has gone from potbellied to chubby-but-flat-ish. It's really nice. I don't have to suck in my stomach all the time. Also, slender wrists!

    However, my upper arms and thighs haven't shrunk a single darn inch, despite losing about six inches total from my waist and hips. :/ It depends a lot on your body type and size, I think. If you're heaver, it might take longer to notice real changes than if you were only about ten pounds overweight. Also, you might notice changes in your face or limbs before your midsection. Just gotta wait and see.
  • LynneM150
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    hi! I noticed I had more energy after the first 14lbs but my clothes were looser after about 20lbs. I lost 10lbs in one week before joining MFP but didn't lose anything for the next two which is when I joined here. A steady loss is the best way to go. :)
  • JosephVitte
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    I kept gaining energy, although i started exercising before joining MFP, and was losing weight due to it. Once I started here, which was only a month or so after starting to exercise, I saw my waist changing, less of love handles, I saw my stomach flattening, not flat, but flattening. i saw more muscles, more strength, a healthier "head" (mind) a lots been happening for me, and I started noticing pretty soon after starting. The best to you, and don't quit, it'll start showing when you least suspect it, I wasn't thinking I'd see the results so soon.
  • needles85365
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    I can't say I noticed a difference off scale until almost 40 lbs, my uniforms got too big. It was almost 6 mos before I noticed that I had more energy and started to enjoy going to the gym.