These weird dents on my legs

A few days ago, I noticed this kind of deformed-looking dent on my left thigh. At first I thought it must have been how I was sitting in my office chair and my leg had just been compressed against the arm of the chair. So I kind of ignored it expecting the dent to go away.

The next day, I noticed the dent is still there. I inspected the other leg, and sure enough there was a matching dent on the right thigh, too, in a similar location. That was really weird as it wasn't possible that it was my clothes or my chair that was denting both legs because I just got out of bed! I looked for bruises. I poked at the dents to see if there was anything like tingling that might indicate nerve damage or poor circulation. Nope. Both felt fine, and I was pleased to notice that the cellulite on my thighs had all but disappeared.

Mind you, I have been cycling. A lot. Up some serious hills. Usually 60-100 miles a week. I'm not really cycling for my health-- that is more an added benefit-- I'm doing it because the bus takes too long and I can't afford a car right now. Due to the amount I ride and how I ride, I almost always have bruises or scrapes on my legs. I have to carry my bike up and down stairs at my apartment building and my office building. I use my legs as extra leverage to get my bike into the position I want it in, or sometimes I'm just not paying attention and bark my shins on my pedals. Scrapes, bumps, bruises (and sometimes dents) are pretty much par for the course.

I also work a lot. I'm in the office 50 or more hours a week. Add in my commute for another 2 hours a day and I'm pretty much wiped out by the end of the work day. I haven't had much time for personal care, and waited way, way too long to get to the salon to get my roots done and ended up having to wear hats for a week and a half until I could get in. I'm busy! Suffice it to say that I haven't taken much time to do visual inspections of my body if it wasn't hurting. If I felt fine, I just kept going about my day.

So I mentioned to my husband that I think I've got something wrong due to the dents on my legs. Since he was amenable to the idea of me hanging around in my underwear, I asked him to take a look to see if he had any ideas what could be going on? So I pointed out the problem areas as he proceeded to laugh.

"What's so funny?" I asked,

"You are! There's nothing wrong with you, you're just getting ripped." He said, "Either that or you have some kind of flesh eating disease that just eats your fat and leaves the muscles in tact."

He continued, "But I'm going to have to go with you getting ripped. You have been working your *kitten* off on that bike, so you are getting muscle definition. It's a good thing, and it looks great!"

"What? Really?" I said as took a closer look at my legs, "No! But I haven't been lifting. This isn't right, is it?"

I began flexing and stretching my legs while looking for definition. I don't have a full length mirror, so I had to stand on my bed to see my legs in my dresser mirror. The lighting in my bedroom is really dim, so that wasn't helping. But I could still see that my quads, hamstrings and calves were defined and I could feel that all the jiggle had gone out of my legs.

And those weird dents? That is where my quadriceps meet my hip flexor and down the femoral side of the quad to the knee. I also noticed dents on my calves, too.

Good lord, I can be thick-skulled. And here I am, worried about something like blood clots or nerve damage, when in reality I'm just getting really strong and defined, LOL!


  • gaylynn35
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    Loved it!!!!! That is awesome!!! You have muscles you didn't even know you had.:drinker:
  • jodieeastin
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    You make me laugh! Congratulations. You earned it. Go eat some pizza!
  • Crazy4Healthy
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    This was awesome!! And bless your husband's heart for knowing what it was and paying you such a wonderful compliment. :drinker: I almost pictured you chasing your tail like a dog looking in the mirror. Brought a smile to my face. Congratulations!!! That is a great accomplishment and NSV.
  • lilawolf
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    That is so funny! Good for you :)
  • megleo818
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    For God's sake, GET YOURSELF A FULL-LENGHTH MIRROR!!! You deserve to see what you look like for real, Woman!! :happy:
  • Healthydiner65
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    Great story!
  • bbgughj
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    Too funny !
    Btw , Strong toned legs on a woman is very sexy ... Good for you.
  • LOL...good for u!!!
  • dorothytd
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    For God's sake, GET YOURSELF A FULL-LENGHTH MIRROR!!! You deserve to see what you look like for real, Woman!! :happy:

    Ditto! Get one at Walmart for $5 and lean it against the wall! Great story and terrific husband!!!