What measurements to include when talking "inches lost"

I was just wondering which measurements I would add up if I was trying to see how many inches I have lost in my first month. I have taken the following measurements:

Chest (above the breasts under the armpits around)
Under the breasts around
Upper Arm

Once I know which ones to include do I simply add the difference of all of the included measures together?

Thanks for helping! :smile:



  • WendyTerry420
    WendyTerry420 Posts: 13,276 Member
    I do inches lost per measurement. (I do all of those and also my neck measurement.) I don't think it makes any sense to add them all together.
  • zyxst
    zyxst Posts: 9,134 Member
    Unless someone is specific about where they lost inches, I assume they mean total lost from all the usual measurements. I measure what you do, except I only track my bust instead of above and below, and include my neck.
  • I would measure at your 'natural' waist and naval - wish I had! :smile: