Quinoa, bulgur wheat and polenta

I have bought all these things to add to my diet but realised I have no idea what to do with them!!! Any ideas or recipes you may have would be greatly received ! Thanks x


  • onefuzzy
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    Vegetarian times has some great recipes. Just type in the item you want to use and it will give you a bunch of different recipes to chose from.
  • IronSmasher
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    I've only used quinoa out of those. Cook as per instructions, eat with salad or meat and veg. Tupperware and fridge any extra for adding to salads.
  • bcattoes
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    Quinoa and bulgur wheat are great in salads. Quinoa is also a good substitute for rice in many dishes, and makes a tasty side dish on it's own. Bulgur makes a good porridge if you like hot cereals.

    I've only had polenta fried (cook it, allow to cool completely then slice and pan fry quickly to brown) or cooked with cream and cheese (reduced fat canned milk and reduced fat cheese substitute nicely). A handfull of chopped fresh herbs or sun-dried tomatoes stirred in after cooking but while it's still warm is quite tasty.
  • auddii
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    Love adding bulgar wheat to chili (whether replacing meat or in addition to meat), and would probably work well with just about any soup. I agree that I really like quinoa in salads, especially bean salads.
  • wibutterflymagic
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    I've recently started using quinoa in turkey meatloaf. It adds a nice flavor. I also had a quinoa salad once that was pretty good. Sorry, I don't know the recipe, but I find a lot of good ones on allrecipes.com. I think it could be used like rice. If I was to eat it that way I personally would cook it in some chicken stock and then add some veggies to it and make it kind of like a pilaf.

    The only way I've ever had polenta/cornmeal is unhealthy.