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Lose a stone in a week



  • Zangpakto
    Zangpakto Posts: 336 Member
    Wait, everyone says halt... it is bad it is fad etc.

    What about fasting? People fast for lent, sometimes 6 days on, then Sunday off. And they do that about 6 weeks or so.. they don't look like skeletons, nor skin hanging off.

    As for gaining back, it is mental... if you want to change, you can... if not, well then honestly what the hell would you expect anyway...

    Besides a stone = what? 12 pounds? Umm if I do not cheat, do not drink, I can lose around that each week >.> I CHOOSE not too and drink like anything etc in order not to lose it...

    I can honestly say without eating and drinking like a king, I would drop weight... but I don't wanna, I wanna do it slow.

    I eat cakes, not plural, I eat cookies, I eat chocolate, I eat chocolate sauce on its own, with ice cream, then bags of chips, then hot chips etc... all in one day and barely pick up anything and I am 5ft...

    My training schedule however... well... that is a different story, I prefer eating clean and healthy, but love to eat junk and drink beer....

    I run 3 times a week around 50-60km a week, cycle 3 times a week roughly 200km, 3 times weight training and 2 sessions of surfing....

    I dislike my body, I hate eating, but then when I taste the food, all I think about is yummy and cannot stop... If I don't have formal meals, I likely would only eat 1hr before training and 2hrs after, then not again till next or when drinking.. Can't drink and not have some potato chips now can we! :D Or cookies! haha

    I actually am scared of the day I have to cook for myself and live by myself.. I hate cooking anything but eggs and meat, and dislike the general idea of NEEDING to eat... Except meat... can't have enough meat.. or choc sauce... or pizza with nutella topping...

    hmm sorry about rambling...

    Anyway, this fad crash diet, for example... the 3 eggs day one breakfast? Why not just skip breakfast and have a chicken + egg salad for lunch? :/ sounds better to me and less calories than those 2 mentioned... :/

    It's choices, and stupid crash diets really are stupid, I eat as it is fuel, except when drinking... then I get the munchies, but whatever lol...
  • Zangpakto
    Zangpakto Posts: 336 Member
    And as for other poster... Isn't it protein sparing modified fast?

    And that works like a dream! Is awesome to do just before competition :D apart from decreasing weight, you also deplete carb and glycogen stores, so the 2-3 days prior to event you can carbo load without a problem! :D
  • nadinab
    nadinab Posts: 124 Member
    Diets. Don't do them.

    You MUST avoid weight loss plans that encourage you to lose too much or too little weight at a time. You want to lose enough weight to see a difference and stay motivated to continue your healthy habits. It is best to avoid extreme diet plans that make you feel deprived and leave you yearning for your old ways of eating. There is no quick fix or fast way to lose weight. Eat healthy and exercise. Make it a lifestyle and work toward your goals at a steady pace.
  • ItsTheBeebs
    Personally i believe that any time "diet" is used its BS. "diet" to me means - taking out a lot of fat and nutrients to attempt (yep, attempt) to remove unwanted body fat.

    i prefer to use the term 'Nutrition Plan'.
    Nothing wrong with a chicken breast, broccoli and brown rice is there? Great filling meal and had good nutritional value. On top of that exercising on a regular basis is much better for your health then these fads!

    It's all about the user. If YOU really WANT the change then it's down to YOU to make that happen. Don't rely on the fad diets to get to your goal. Hard work pays off.

    "If you want to look amazing, you need to train amazing, eat amazing and sleep amazing. It's a 3 legged stool" - Duffy Gaver
  • meshashesha2012
    meshashesha2012 Posts: 8,326 Member
    all those eggs.. omg your farts would peel the paint off the walls

    maybe you'd lose weight, but i'd personally prefer to lose less and still be able to interact in public without being known as the girl who walks around in a cloud of poo smelling funk :laugh:
  • paulwgun
    paulwgun Posts: 439 Member
    It sounds like its based on the mayo clinic diet which i did some years ago and did loose a stone (14lbs) in 10 days
    if you can do it give it a try but you will have to watch what you eat when you come off it

    The best way is healthy eating, a calorie deficit and regular exercise
  • LondonEliza
    LondonEliza Posts: 456 Member
    WOW - I don't know about it working in terms of weight loss but you would have breath like the (uncleaned) monkeys cage in the zoo and farts as toxic as a nuclear meltdown after that lot!!
    I found this on a site ..... Fad dietir really work??

    The STRICT commando 7 day diet – Guest post
    I met up with a business contact whom is called Julian a few days ago,he was looking fabulous and he’d obviously lost some weight, i asked him to tell me (and you) how he’d gone about it – and this is his story, I have to warn you, it’s vicious and is only for the short term, and If you are in any doubt, consult your doctor before trying it, here at MyBFD we are NOT advocating that you try it, but I wanted to see what your opinions are for this week long plan.

    Marine commando 7 day diet…
    Day 1
    Breakfast 3 eggs
    Lunch 3 eggs
    Dinner 3 eggs
    Day 2
    1 egg or grapefruit
    Fresh fruit salad
    Steak, Tomatoes, Celery and cottage cheese
    Day 3
    1 egg or grapefruit
    Fish, Tomatoes, spinach and Salad
    Lean Lamb chops, tomatoes and salad
    Day 4
    1 egg or grapefruit
    Green salad and tomatoes
    3 eggs and dried toast
    Day 5
    1 egg or grapefruit
    Fish, Tomatoes, and Salad
    Lean ham salad, tomatoes and spinach
    Day 6
    1 egg or grapefruit
    3 eggs dried toast
    Steak Celery, tomatoes and cottage cheese
    Day 7
    1 egg or grapefruit
    Fresh fruit salad
    Lean lamb chops salad and tomatoes
    Black coffee, water or pure lemon juice can be taken with the meal. Eat exactly what is stated where amount are stated, where they are not eat as much as you want.
    DO NOT EAT BETWEEN MEALS. No dressings or sauces only vinegar is allowed
    DO NOT use this diet more than four times a year. There should be a loss of up to 1 stone, variations of the die will have a MAJOR effect on the amount of weight you lose.
    Weigh yourself at the beginning and at the very end of the diet.
    Let me know your thoughts on this 7 day hell, sorry diet plan!
  • fraser112
    And as for other poster... Isn't it protein sparing modified fast?

    And that works like a dream! Is awesome to do just before competition :D apart from decreasing weight, you also deplete carb and glycogen stores, so the 2-3 days prior to event you can carbo load without a problem! :D

    shhh it was almost right:laugh:
  • Ge0rgiana
    Ge0rgiana Posts: 1,649 Member
    I was in... Until I realized you can't eat it all in one day. :frown:
  • BrianSharpe
    BrianSharpe Posts: 9,248 Member
    Fad diet, think about lose 14lbs (of fat) in a week would require a caloric deficit of 49.000 kcal or 7,000 per day.

    Even without knowing your vitals I'd bet that this is mathematically impossible.

    Stick to the basics (eat at a modest caloric deficit & move more) you didn't put on a stone in a week, you aren't going to lose it one a week.
  • MrsSWW
    MrsSWW Posts: 1,585 Member
    Is that just for breakfast...?
  • HotMummyMission
    HotMummyMission Posts: 1,723 Member
    Hahahaha I thought it was fad but there is alot of women banging on about it on a mums forum site I did actually lose 16lb in my first week of eating clean an exercising I wasn't going to do it as iv just found my feet in this new lifestyle change but was just wondering if it was possible of eating just that 9 eggs only in a day -_- bleghhhh
  • laurenshead101
    I love eggs!!
  • HotMummyMission
    HotMummyMission Posts: 1,723 Member
    I love eggs!!

    I doo but not for. Full days intake :(
  • DontWeightStartNow
    Any diet that promises a specific result in a specific short period of time is a fad diet.
    Can you look at that and say you could eat like that the rest of your life? No...fad diet.

    So you mean all this gastric abomination I've been suffering through on the cabbage diet is all for naught?
  • keelyjrs
    keelyjrs Posts: 62 Member
    That would take the weight off so fast you would look like a shar pei puppy by the end of it.
    Slow and steady all the way!

    That just made me burst out laughing lol
    So many eggs?? Think of your cholesterol
  • kayraven
    This looks extremely like Scarsdale, which worked wonders for me.
    But the 9 eggs a day is very marine/soldier type of eating. Not weightloss lady sort of thing (and cholesterol!!!)
    And I always think no snacking is super rediculous.
    However, the veg+protein formula of this crash diet does seem fine with me.
  • bradthemedic
    bradthemedic Posts: 623 Member
    No, that's ridiculous.
  • jojo35A
    this diet is strict but still contains a lot of fruit veg and protein so not as bad as some...i am on day three of it..i havent found it very hard at all, although my sleep has been disrupted and need to stay hydrated as u are not getting fluid from your food as much....i have already lost four pounds...and when i finish i will maintain a healthy fresh diet...this is just a kick start that so far is working...will post again on day 7 with my final weight loss
  • danmcgarrigle5
    The big flag to me is that it looks like a forum post made from a guest account.