A good start!

I started this journey at 372 three weeks ago. Today, I am at 355..
My 1st 2 weeks all I did was stop eating what I consider to be extra sugar, no candy, cookies, or other deserts and stuck to my regular food consumption I must give a big thanks to MFP I lost 6 pounds in about 8 days after stumbling across their site and I started keeping track of my calories, that lead to me joining a gym once I saw the benefit of only a small amount of exercise. For the 1st time in my life I feel excited to diet, eat healthy and get myself back to a weight that I felt happy with! My 1st goal is 300 and my ultimate goal is to get back to 250! It is inspiring to see all the success stories and see all the great before and after pictures and to see other people working to achieve similar goals!


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