Not new -- But looking to come back...

I have put on 16lbs.
My weight is slowly creeping back up to 200lbs and that scares me.
I have been going through a lot of medical changes lately and it is just one reason why I have fallen off of the wagon of my weight loss journey.

Looking over my previously posted goals I realized that they were a little drastic, that I was pushing myself to hard and not doing what was needed to make myself healthy and maintain my mental health at the same time. So, I have decided to up my weight loss, not try to drop as drastically as I wanted to. I do get distracted, very easily, and tend to fall off track and it is hard when I do not have people that are willing to jump out and push, push, push, push, push me in a positive manner.

I have amazing friends here on MFP that have stuck by me, even when I quit, they still checked in on me and I checked in on them. Right now, I am looking, not only to keep the friends I have, but to gain more friends on here that can keep me on my toes and support me!
Send me an invite to be my friend and help me get back on track again! I could use the support again.


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    Hi ADD ME
  • nancybuss
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    Welcome back! You can add me. You're right, trying to do too much just brings us down. One step at a time
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    Welcome back. Add me. I'm here everyday.
  • Hi my name is Melissa I'm 33 I have a long way to go...and just simply looking for the positive support from other mfp's on the same journey and would love to have you as a friend! ADD Me