Food plan?

I started using this website to track my caloric intake, water and exercise and it's great for those things. However, can I just tell everyone that if you are not on a food plan, you should be! There is so much I didn't know about food, how it interacts with your body that I do now. I've been on the Food Lovers Fat Loss system since October and I've lost 44 lbs and 44.5 inches. The plan is not a diet, it is a change of lifestyle. Maybe you aren't ready to change, maybe you are. I just wanted to get it out there for those people I see struggling to workout and not seeing results. This program I'm on teaches you about food, how to eat it, in what portions, at what times. I eat all day long but I've bumped up my metabolism so much that I'm burning 2 lbs a week consistently. I started at 294 and am down to 250. I hope to be at 140 which is my goal by the end of the year. The program really works!! If you are struggling and want to take it one step further, I would highly recommend going to and checking out the program. It has literally saved my life. Christine


  • rosalie_g
    That is great!! Congrats on your loss!! I have done weight watchers in the past and i think it is similar to what you are talking about. It teaches you how to control your portions and make wiser decisions as far as what you are consuming. I love MFP but I am also using some of the tools I learned at weight watchers. I'm gonna check out anyway though, you can never have too much knowledge on this subject. Congrats again!!
  • cdavis1126
    cdavis1126 Posts: 301 Member
    I've tried WW as well. The great thing with the Food Lovers is there are no points to count. They don't even encourage you to really count calories. I do it because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and am really trying to watch my sodium.
  • KeriD
    KeriD Posts: 324
    Fantastic!!!! I will check it out!:flowerforyou:
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