Calories in a 16" deep pan four cheese pizza

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Anyone care to take a guestimate?

I had initially agreed to the 'eat an entire family pizza' challenge on the presumption it was a thin and crispy base - approximate calories maybe 3500. Not unreasonable for me to burn 5000+ calories over a day (my thought was to cycle to the climbing wall an hour and a half away, climb for a few hours and cycle back.

But it seems likely the deep pan would really bump up the calories a fair bit.

Any ideas for a vague approximation. Local fast food place, so no nutrition information.

And yes, it's a silly thing to do. Yes, it's full of evil darth-vader-dark-side-calories all at once.
Yes, I do like Man Vs Food etc, but yes, I have always liked BIG food before it existed - thus being here in the first place :).

(For the record, I'd have extra toppings too - but apparently the challenge being set is the four cheese, as set by two veggies lacking in imagination when choosing pizzas!)


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    I'm going to guess in the neighborhood of 3200-3600.
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    I'd guess 3-500 per slice... Do the math.
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    Do you think maybe the place would give you ingredients/amounts and then you could put it in the recipe calculator? It's worth a shot.
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    i think 400 calories a slice would be a good estimate to use, so probably 3200ish for the whole thing. i have found that switching the crust to a thinner style does not reduce the calories as much as one would think.
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    I'd guess 3-500 per slice... Do the math.

    I'd say closer to this. I just looked up a deep dish pizza from a place in my area called Unos Chicago Grill and their cheese deep dish was about 3400.
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    Ah; I suppose it may be more a case that they just use a dough that lets it raise more; I've always been disappointed that flat breads are still quite high in calories.
    Of course, what I should really do is leave it until I've reached my goal weight, have spent a bit of time SLOWLY upping calories and am hopefully around 1250 calories over my current -1000 for a 'bulking' phase!

    Ta for your thoughts all; maybe the challenge is on! (Though I'm much less a fan of deep-crust, which is part of the issue.)

    I'm reckoning around 1000 calories for the ride each way, then maybe another 600-800 climbing.
    Should be able to burn another 1000 in the evening (if I can move at all by then!) And it should work out ok - providing of course that I can fit it in my stomach! And it'd be 'healthier' I would presume (err, yea, 'healthier') to eat it first then go out - however not only don't they open until later, but I doubt I'd be in the mood! (Though I did eat an entire 8 slice pizza 11" or so when I was there last as it was free!... which was ontop of another 1000 calories or so of other stuff and didn't cycle - but that wasn't such a good/planned day.)

    As for them telling us the ingredients - sadly it's not one of the 'quality' takeaways, so I doubt it - especially as a most of the people that work there don't have English as their first language.
    [edit - but I suppose we could weight it and take a guess at proportions of stuff in it compred to other more-known quantities.]

    Oh and I should point out that I was planning to have extra topping on top of the 'four cheese' - I hadn't initially realised that apparantly the challenge was specifically the 'four cheese' pizza; which was the ones my friends had failed to eat together.
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    Id just say fukit and not log it. If you are going this "far out" of your food plan then might as well just go balls deep.
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    Pizza is definitely my downfall! I know that a medium thin crust (10"?) dominos with light cheese and veggies is about 1300 calories (based on a thin crust veggie with light cheese being 127/slice) , and the thick crust adds 50-60 cals/slice. I'd add an extra 100 at LEAST for the extra cheese and then another 50/60 for the increase in base size. so probably 350 is a good guesstimate for the calories per slice, I'm not sure how many slices there are but yeah, 3500 seems to be about how much you're looking at. It's always better to over-estimate slightly and you can always eat slightly less the day before/after to gain back a few hundred calories and make your weekly average under goal (I'm guessing you won't feel like eating much, I always feel huge and sluggish the day after I eat takeout) ! If you eat light in the day and clock up the exercise you can probably get away with it.
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    On my Birthday last month I ate a smidge over 5000 calories in the day.
    However, I also ran 7 miles and cycled 49 miles or something - as well as various bits and pieces my calories burnt came to over 6000 calories and yes, the scales did reflect that the next day with a slight drop!

    Of course, that was fairly spread out over the day - I had a pub meal at a local top-rated pub (the goal), but cycled home after, then some dog walking etc.

    Unfortunately eating loads one day often leads to me wanting to eat even more the next day!
    Excellent survival instinct for coping with long winters 1000/4000/10000 years ago, but less useful this day and age!

    If I can just hold myself to not eating too much before the Pizza, I reckon I could do it nicely.

    Looks like I won't be able to do it this coming Sunday anyway due to other commitments - on the scales this morning I was back to being a pound and a half off. So if I can rescue today with the various cycling I'm going to be doing around town as well as the quick climbing trip in the evening and keep at it, might even hit my goal and start slowly building calories - giving me the chance to more reasonably do it in a couple of weeks time.
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    Didn't really do the calories that well - eaten 5000, but coming up to 4000 burnt with an hour and a half left in the day..
    Oh well, that'll definitely be a few days to sort out!


    3.7lb of pizza eaten in 39 minutes. First 3/4 took about 20 minutes, then slowed down for the last two.
  • beforeafter-sma.jpg

    Haha I love the picture!
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    Depends on whether the pan is 16" deep, or 16" wide, or both.
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    Wow, you're still upright. That's determination. Good job.......I...guess, lol.
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    Is it too late for me to sign up? Do they allow "teams"? I so want in on this. This is the endurance challenge I fantasize about. I can polish of a good amount of pizza + I haven't had any in months = me, setting a new record.

    Seriously, it is wildly absurb to post this question on a weight loss site. It's like going to an AA site to ask for chugga lugga advice. I think I have burned 50 calories laughing at the question. I LOVE it
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    I so, so meant to record the session with my HRM, but in all the excitement, forgot :(.

    Would have been interesting to see how my body reacted vs slices eaten.

    Oh and was looking back at time stamps on pics - first half of the pizza was 10 minutes. Next two slices another 10, then last two 10 each.
    Didn't get a drink until 30 mins in or so..