Pants on the Ground

kayduro Posts: 249 Member
Today while out doing errands, my pants (and my underwear) kept falling down. I had to duck between the aisles on a few occasions to "re adjust". never been so happy to have that problem! Also, last week, my friend who I havent seen for about 3 months asked if I'd lost weight. It's starting to show in my face. Yayyyyy!


  • That is awsome! Funny and awsome at the same time.

    But hey..for legal reasons i would suggest you consider getting a belt. :blushing:
  • kmkgurl
    kmkgurl Posts: 321 Member
    whoo!!! Best feeling ever! i bet if you accidently mooned someone you would have a huge smile on ur face haha lol
  • body_in_progress
    body_in_progress Posts: 49 Member
    I had this "not-so-much-a-problem" recently also while playing sport. My friend told me I should get some new and SMALLER sport pants. She didnt think anything of it but to me it was awesome to hear :) Hard work does pay off!
  • SuMcP
    SuMcP Posts: 244 Member
    Ah - a similar thing happened to me in Tesco - love it, well done:flowerforyou:
  • National pants to the ground day! We should start a revolution. lol :tongue:
  • kayduro
    kayduro Posts: 249 Member
    While on my errands today I definitely need to purchase some smaller pants and underwear! And LOL about the National Pants on the Ground day!
  • How long have you been at your weight loss program and what has worked for you to help with cravings etc?
  • nturner612
    nturner612 Posts: 710 Member
    great job!
  • That is amazing. Keep up the great work :smile:
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