Personal Trainer (NASM) TEST anyone take it ?

hi. i'm getting ready to take my NASM test to become a certified trainer in about 3 weeks. Has anyone here taking it and can give some tips ? I'm having trouble grouping all the hip flexors and ankle parts.


  • Check out I got my study tips from there. It looks like he hasn't been updating in a while, but just try emailing him. He responded fairly quickly to me,
  • HeartME511healthy
    HeartME511healthy Posts: 163 Member
    How did you do? I took this test twice and didn't pass and now enrolled in Eteach which starts on Monday the 18th...
  • Taterpoof
    Taterpoof Posts: 416 Member
    I just started the program. I guess I need to study my butt off while I can