Mini Milestone!

I am not an athelete and do not enjoy working out at all. Today I had a not-so-great eating day and decided that instead of feeling bad about it i would really work it off. So I did my 30 day shred day 12 today for the normal twenty minutes. Then once the kids were all in bed i did 20 more minutes on the treadmill, and for the first time jogged for a few minutes, TWiCE. So i did (machine told me, not monitor) 200 calories in twenty minutes. I don't normally push myself that far and i really think that is what i need to do to see the results i want. Just wanted to share I'm finding motivation and some enjoyment in working out!!! I'm now good for my calorie goals :)


  • mrsgiffin
    awesome!!!! you will start to want to get that feeling of pushing yourself more and more. I hate it while Im doing it but once I get done I feel accomplished!! and then as everything else falls into place, the weight will start falling off!! Good luck!!!
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  • lvfunandfit
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    Have you heard of H.I.I.T.?

    It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This means that you do intervals of walking fast 3.8-4 on an incline for 2 minutes then 2 minutes of jogging... then 2 min of walking, then 2 min of jogging... You can increase your jogging speed each time and increase your incline and speed when walking as well. This will really help you burn valories and get your body burning off fat!