November mileage totals - call 'em in!

arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
You know the drill, how much did you walk, run, swim, ride, river dance, pogo stick or ??


  • scottb81
    scottb81 Posts: 2,538 Member
    224 miles running in Nov. A little down because of marathon taper and recovery.
  • iWaffle
    iWaffle Posts: 2,208 Member
    8 miles walking, 24 on a bike, 78.6 running, and absolutely nothing on a pogo stick. I really need to work on the pogo stick thing.
  • arc918
    arc918 Posts: 2,037 Member
    I ran 198 miles - a little light as I took a couple rest days as my knee was bugging before my half marathon in the middle of the month
  • swonn
    swonn Posts: 323 Member
    54.5 walking and 100 biking
  • sammyneb
    sammyneb Posts: 257
    66 running
  • RedHotRunner
    RedHotRunner Posts: 850 Member
    Didn't track. Husband was out of town for 3 weeks this month, so I didn't get my regular running in. If I were to guess, I'd say 52 :-(

    Got about 10 in walking.

    Looks like he'll be home for December, so I'm hoping to be back up over 100.
  • natalie412
    natalie412 Posts: 1,039 Member
    100.5 miles running! 100 was my goal. Highest mileage month to date was August at 87.
  • Enigmatica
    Enigmatica Posts: 879 Member
    192.4 miles jogging
  • algebravoodoo
    algebravoodoo Posts: 776 Member
    224 miles running in Nov. A little down because of marathon taper and recovery.

    Wow! I feel like I've really done something with half that mileage! WTG you are my idol :flowerforyou:
  • roro1925
    roro1925 Posts: 120 Member
    90 miles running :)
    Started alternating with a weight training routine, would have been more. But I love doing the full body weight lifting :)
  • dr_firefly
    dr_firefly Posts: 17 Member
    250 miles walking. 46 jogging
  • gimpygramma
    gimpygramma Posts: 383 Member
    188 miles.
  • gauchogirl
    gauchogirl Posts: 467 Member
    83.1 for November and I only have 43.9 left for my goal of 1,000 miles in 2012!
  • nickgarner6
    nickgarner6 Posts: 106 Member
    22.1 miles running and 55.28 miles walking
  • djcon
    djcon Posts: 216 Member
    108 miles cycling
  • jenniferinfl
    jenniferinfl Posts: 456 Member
    99.95 miles walking and doing couch to 5k weeks 1-3.

    So close to 100 I may just get on the treadmill and get a smidge more in.. lol
  • Cooriander
    Cooriander Posts: 2,848 Member
    120 miles of running outside.
  • marikevr
    marikevr Posts: 389 Member
    110 running for me!
  • gungho66
    gungho66 Posts: 284 Member
    Fell short this month, focusing on strength training

    wtd 6.98

    MTD 37 MILES
  • Lemonaiding
    Lemonaiding Posts: 78 Member
    68.54 running...Trying to lengthen one run out of the week and subsequently having to shorten the rest so I don't injure myself. But I did get my farthest run in this past Monday at just over 8 miles!