Please Add Me - I'm Not New Here - Just on Take II

Worked hard the past nine months & made progress I'm happy with. Then a death in the family kind of threw me off....
so I'm starting up my 2nd time on NROLFW, and was hoping to find some motivational people to help me along the way.

I need some friends that I can motivate and that will kick me in the butt/motivate me.

I'm almost 48, have three kids, married, work....just trying to get from POINT A TO B!

Happy Trails :flowerforyou:


  • katevarner
    katevarner Posts: 884 Member
    I'm also almost 48. Currently in maintenance, and not doing NROLFW, but I do work out 3 times a week with weights. I'm always around for butt-kicking, not so much for coddling. I eat a lot and prefer friends who aren't starving themselves.

    Feel free to add.
  • Hey,

    I lost my 17 year old brother in August which caused me to go off my diet! I'm now back on it with more desire to do well than before!

    Feel free to add me, I'll kick your butt =P
  • katejkelley
    katejkelley Posts: 841 Member
    Feel free to friend me! I'm 54, have been on MFP for about 9 months and believe I may need to stay on it forever! I just need to see those calorie numbers - both eaten and exercised - to understand what I'm doing.
  • Michellelmt
    Michellelmt Posts: 68 Member
    I love MFP! I have lost 30 pounds with the help of this community :) I wish you the very best of luck on your weight loss journey. Feel free to add me as a friend!
  • This is my second time trying this. Was doing great then my hubby lost his job and I let the stress really get to me. I gained back alot of what I lost and I determined to reach my goals this time!
  • shelleydavies1991
    shelleydavies1991 Posts: 60 Member
    Hey, I'm here for support and motivation..

    Feel free to add me. Would love to help support you on your journey! x
  • This is definitely a great place for motivation ad support. Feel free to add me too.
  • laurajean120
    laurajean120 Posts: 23 Member
    Feel free tp add me i lost my mom in feb 2012. she found out in dec 2011 that she had cancer. so this time of year is really hard on me. so i gaining all kind of weight back.