Am I the only one...

...that finds fats super unsatisfying? If I eat something high fat like nuts I find that I'm hungry again in less than an hour, but if I eat something high in (good) carbs like oatmeal, fruits, or vegetables I'm full for quite a while. I do 20/4 intermittent fasting and I just can't eat a lot of fats and fast. This confuses me because all of the keto-ers talk about how fats keep you full, but for me carbs are the only thing that will keep me full. I fast for 20 hours every day and I'm never hungry during this time. Does anybody else feel this way?


  • selig0730
    selig0730 Posts: 509 Member
    eat a lot of protein during the day and drink lots of water...and im not a big fan of fasting but thats just me...fat doesnt make you fat...saturated fat and calories does and not exercising so just stay under and exercise and you will be ok
  • ellabelle0310
    ellabelle0310 Posts: 92 Member
    Most of the time I find that proteins are what keep me full the longest..but it seems that the foods you have listed, while good carb, are also high in fiber, and fiber is filling as well.
  • blacklaceroses
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    Im there with you. Fat make me hungry but so do carbs but protein don't.........go fig and I live by low carb but the higher the protein the better for me :ohwell: shrugs" the fat part does throw me for a loop tho. It worked for a while but then im starving after a few days.
  • SarahSwimmer
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    I'm the same way. I went paleo for a long time which is anti grains, beans and yogurt- all of which are very carby. Animal fats and nuts were the go-to "full filler" food I was told. That didn't cut it for me.

    I've since gone back to my tried and true fiber and protein based meals- I try to base my diet on foods that have made a name for themselves on those two things and I find my calories have more staying power that way.