Ladies who take birth control pills continuously

Do you notice hormonal weight fluctuations during the middle of the 3 month cycle? My weight goes up a bit when I have my week off, to be expected, but I'm like 3 weeks away from my placebo week and my weight is all over the place with no other real cause I can come up with. I'd think if my hormones were at a continuous level for 3 months then I wouldn't see fluctuations throughout, but I don't know. Anyone else, any experience?


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    With my birth control pills (I take Tri-cyclen Lo), the hormones are different each week. During the last week, they are at the highest hormone level, and I get moody/stressed/PMS-y for a couple days during that time. I don't weigh myself on a consistent basis, but I'd guess I'd weigh more during that week because I feel "bla" and I end up eating worse foods.
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    Bump for anyone else
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    This maybe be slightly off topic, but I still had (what I think were) hormone level fluctuations on a 3-month pill cycle. PMS and spots more than weight change (hence off-topic). If everything else about that pattern/pill is working well for you then perhaps high-dose vitamin B or evening primrose oil supplements might help. Vit B made a huge difference to me.
  • I stopped taking birth control all-together. Every time I get on it, I end up in the hospital with terrible terrible stomach pain. Also, I get all paranoid and moody. I think there must be something in there that I am allergic to but I'm not sure what. I have tried all different kinds. Anybody else have these problems with birth control?
  • Ugggggggg birth control!!!!! I was not on it three years ago--lost 96 pounds! Went on it-kinda against my will and gained weight back!!!! Tried to lose it! Almost 6 months busting butt-exercising and eating well no weight loss (ok slight weight lss)! I was so mad!!! Went off a month ago--starting to lose again!!!!! Feel free to add me ladies!
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    I don't weigh myself during or a few days before my period.

    However I have no experience with the 3 months cycle. My two cents, though - when I "skip" the placebo week, I still feel really bloated.
  • I been taking birth control for over a half a year now and my weight hasn't really change, It just raises my appetite a lot so I want to eat more. Its a common side effect so just watch what you eat when your appetite going crazy lol. Otherwise I been the same weight, and I only get bloated during my period or a few days before but it goes away. But thats just my experience.
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    I have been on birth control pills 6 years now. I am on Sprintec 28 tab teva and well it does say you will gain weight but that's the first year and after that your body gets use to it and works with how your body eats and stresses out. So really its a myth on gaining a ton of weight. Sometimes can be hard to loose weight on because of water retaining happening on and before your period. I did gain a ton of weight but I also didn't exercise or eat to healthy till recently. I also am on Citalopram due to hormonal imbalance and my Pharmacist said I would have trouble loosing weight on both...umm I lost 26lbs in 1 month. So I know for a fact that info is a myth as well. It just depends on your body and how it handles things. I mean I just started the Citalopram not to long ago. So if you eat pretty much green or watch your sugar intake and exercise and drink tons of lemon water/water than you should be loosing a great amount of weight if you have it to loose.
  • I was on birth control pills from age 16 to age 28 and had no problems with weight issues.

    I gained my weight by eating to much while pregnant. I had the Mirena IUD for 15 months after the birth of my 2nd child and that seemed to interfere with my weight loss ( I didn't lose much even though I was exercising and eating at a deficit).
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    I have been taking BC continously for 8 years now to help with endometriosis. My body went through some changes in the beginning 3 months, had a bit of spotting, but since then, no more periods or spotting and pretty much leveled out to my beginning weight around 6 months once the hormones and body got used to each other. I love it and I love the freedom from dealing with periods and cramps :)
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    Birth Control wreaks havoc with my body. I am soooo happy my hubby just got fixed. Will keep my non hormonal IUD in for maybe a couple more months to play it safe and then no more birth control ever again yaaaaay!!!!
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    I'm taking Dianette and I notice one week to ten days before my week off the scale can go up as much as 3lbs, I stopped weighing weekly as I was getting so disheartened so now I weigh a few days after I'm back on my pill after the 7 day break and I'm always down.
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    I never use to lose weight whilst on birth control whatever I did it never came off, I was always holding water weight. Now Ive gone off them I see the natural weight coming on each month. After Ending my 10 years on birth control with 4 years using the implant I lost 5 pounds in the first week of water retaintion weight and I feel so much better so much more energy!!

    Laura xo
  • I take my birth control continuously and I have been on the pill for about 6 years. I had to change pills a couple of times in the beginning as I was having spotting and cramps when I tried to take them for more than a month. I am on yasmin now, and it's great, I usually take 3 or 4 months and then have a break. When I do take a week off I feel horribly crampy and boated and I can gain as much as 5 pounds. So I guess the answer to the question is no, I only ever have side effects when I take a week off. If you keep having problems you might want to see your doctor and ask about changing pills. Just a thought.
  • Hiya - I have been taking the pill since I was 16 (now 30!) due to a hormone condition. I have to be on the pill but I have my week's break every month, otherwise, I find I get headaches. I am on Yasmin
    I usually gain about 5lbs during this week due to fluid retention - so I don't weigh myself during this week (too depressing!)
    The reading would be inaccurate anyhow. Fluid retention is different for everyone but can give a false weight reading. As long as you are sticking to MYP and loggin everything, you should loose weight. So if your weight tends to fluctuate during TOM< my advise would be have a 2 week gap before weighing again
    Anna :)
  • Hi. I haved been on continuous bc for many years now. Originally done to get rid of cysts on my ovaries. I never take a break. It took me about 8 years to get my cramping and spotting undeer control and cramped almost immediately after eating or drinking anything with caffeine or red food coloring. It seems to be a popular thing to do these days and I have occasionally wondered if I have fluctuations in my hormone levels because I get cranky or tweezing has been known to hurt more during PMS. It took me all this time to get my hormones straight so I'm really glad I never take the sugar pills every 3 months. Doesn't that seem a bit ridiculous? I mean if you want your hormone levels to ever get under control then I would talk to your doc about that 3rd month. I have researched and I have been to a couple of different doctors because of the severe cramping and it took me 33 years to figure out why my cramps were so bad they were dibilitating for almost a week every month. After the endoscopy 2 years ago when the doc found everything to be in pristine condition we explored other reasons for the cramping. I had literally tried everything out there from OTC pain relievers to prescribed anti inflammatories and even vicoden with only about an hour of semi relief. Finally she started asking if the pain comes in waves and I said it did! it took 33 years for someone t ask the right question! and it hurt from front to back, inside and out even the skin hurt....guess what it was...labor pain cramps...not a lot of women get them but I I have a prescription for a muscle relaxer that I take at the 1st sign of a cramp and 30 minutes later there's nothing. the best part is that I hardly ever get them anymore. The point of my story is that it is not damaging to your body to take continuous bc and never have a period. Your uterine wall never even gets thicker. So there is no reason to shed the lining at all. If you work with your doc and discuss all these things with them and just ask if there would be any harm in doing this....because unless you have extenuating circumstances or a special condition then this should be ok. Some people are still living in a man's world where we are required to bleed evey now and's only necessary for reproduction ladies.
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    Never had problems on the pill. On the patch though, the hormones made my breast tissue swell and gain weight to the point of giving me stretch marks, much to my dismay.
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    Birth Control wreaks havoc with my body. I am soooo happy my hubby just got fixed. Will keep my non hormonal IUD in for maybe a couple more months to play it safe and then no more birth control ever again yaaaaay!!!!

    Can't wait for mine to get fixed
  • been on the pill 10 years and no issues!
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    i dunno what kind of birth control you take, but mine keeps my cycle at 4 weeks, not 3 months.

    i dont even want to call the weight differences fluctuations, they are so normal i can tell what day i will be heavier and what day i can expect to lose weight

    not that knowing that helps my brain understand the scale is higher, haha