UK help please...

Hello all
Anyone know the lowest calorie bread readily available? Or any great alternatives.
Lowest calorie rolls, pittas, bagels, cardboard....
Anything I can make a sandwich please



  • mabelbabel1
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    Personally, I don't find the low cal/diet breads very satiating....I would much rather have a decent wholemeal/high fibre loaf so I feel like i've had something decent to eat.

    You could always have an open just one slice of bread with lots of topping as an alternative if you're not packing it in a lunchbox or the like.

    I go onto the tesco grocery website and click on all the things i want to know the calorie content of.
  • BronnersHarris
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    Warburtons make a pita and also a sandwich substitute called 'thins'. Both available in supermarkets and have lower cals/carbs than most breads. Both come in white or wholemeal. They are tasty too. :)
  • Weight watchers do nice wholemeal pitta breads at 100cal per pitta.

    Nimble do small size loaf at 45 cal per slice.

    Any small 400gr loaf will set you at 60-70cal per slice :) I tend to buy warburtons or wheatfield bakery :)
  • RedWeb
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    Kingsmill Medium White is 95 cals a slice. Probably the best sliced white you'll get in the UK. Most other loafs are over 100 cals a slice. Yes, you can get loafs which are 60 calories a slice but the slice is about half the size and none of the taste. Don't over do bread but a couple of slices a day of any type isn't going to affect you too much.
  • sarahcuddle
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    I like wraps. Tesco do a seeded one for 190cals. You can make a really decent lunch with that and loads of salad and hummus or something
  • Livingdeadgirl44
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    Just discovered Warburtons sandwich thins. Tasty and 100 calories each so good for lunch if not dunking in your stew or soup.
  • jonkers2012
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    I agree with mabelbabel1. Eating low cal bread is so unfulfilling. Get some really good wholemeal/spelt/rye bread and enjoy the taste, feel full, and the slow release carbs won't have you craving in an hour :) If you only like white, try to get a properly made white loaf. Good luck!
  • niki87lewis
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    I get the mini loads, Warburton wheatgerm is very nice and 53 cals per slice
  • WaterBunnie
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    I'm also in agreement with MB. Diet breads aren't really food. I'd rather have less that gives great nutritional value. It's about retraining your tastes as well as dropping weight after all. I find most diet products prove disappointing
  • skinnyinnotime
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    Definately paper slices and cardboard rolls are lowest calorie, add some MSG and you'll be amazed how good they taste!!
  • EmBlazes
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    I remember a good ad from Nimble about guys losing their trousers because their wives had switched to that bread.. I think it's pretty low calorie. I'm kind of with some of the other posters here - it's not very satisfying to have diet bread for lunch. Pita is a good alternative and pasta salads are a good way to get some carbs without loads of calories. Depends what kind of plan you are following.

    It's normally what you put in the sandwiches that makes the biggest difference.

  • manderson27
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    I just have a nice wholmeal bread like Braces and include it in my calorie allowance.

    But if I want low cal carbs I go for Ryvita crispbreads they come in loads of flavours with different added things like pumpkin seeds, oats. The red onion is only 43 cals per slice. Very filling so a good substitute for bread.

    But a real life saver if your on your calorie limit but craving carbs is "Asda Chosen by you Crispbread" is super low at 16 cals per cracker and only 65p per pack so cheap as well. I top them with everything cheese n pickle, egg mayo, tuna, even peanut butter or chocolate spread if I fancy something sweet.

    Hope this helps and good luck on your journey.:flowerforyou:
  • Firefox7275
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    The original type Ryvita (not the new Thins) are low in fat and high in fibre. Otherwise just have open sandwiches with a good quality wholegrain granary bread.