anyone in Indiana

Hello all I am trying something new. I would like to see how everyone else is doing on there journey.. maybe we can help each other. Thanks


  • busybeaver1
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    Located in Fort Wayne. Just joined the site 3 weeks ago and my wife and I are working with a very excellent nutritionist here in Fort Wayne. She really has given us a plan we can live with and taught us a tremendous amount about what we were doing wrong and why we gained so much weight. In three weeks have lost 18 pounds and over 5 weeks wife has lost 24 pounds. Lots more to go for me to loose.

    Was just in Indy on the 27th of October picking up a new machine for our business. Love to go to the Casino in Anderson and go about once a month.
  • I am near South Bend Indiana here! I have been on for almost a year now! I log every day feel free to add me!
  • I live in Lafayette, IN.
  • sarahevenstar
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    I'm near Indy in Avon. I've been on MFP for a little over 3 months. I could use some more friends if you want to add me.
  • I live in greenwood indpls n I have been an active member for about two weeks feel free to add me !
  • rxman13
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    Evansville Area add me if u like
  • Ebcanada
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    I'm in Indianapolis and I've been on this site for a little under two months.
  • smilingrn
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    Attica here....have been on this site for quite a long time....Love it! Now if I can just stay focused and do what I need to do all the time...I would be one happy camper! LOL
  • obliviatenox
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    I live near Greenfield, IN and have been actively getting on this website since last week. I'm loving it so far and definitely plan to continue with it.
  • jakidb
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    I'm in Indianapolis--feel free to add me :)
  • ablissabby
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    Bloomington! Add me too :)
  • Kat5343
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    I live in the Clermont/Avon area. I have been on this site about a year and a half off and on. I initially lost 62 pounds (lost 25 pounds prior)... I backslid last year and gained back some.. I am 11.5 pounds away from being at my weight last Christmas... I make short-term doable goals and they help me. I do low carb and lots and lots of water... I welcome any and all friend requests...
  • harvo
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    Charlestown indiana checking in...just re-started recently...
  • harvo
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    Bloomington! Add me too :)

    B-Town in the house...HOO HOO HOOSIERS!
  • n2thenight24
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    I'm in Camden, Ohio, just a stones throw from the Indy line!!! :)
  • crystal8208
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    Good ol' Columbus for me. :happy:
  • silhouettes
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    I am an hour out of Evansville, :)
  • In brownsburg, originally from Kalamazoo,
  • It helps being on here, number one because its free, and number two, you have alot of groups thats speific too you, that will give you support when you need it the most. I have found people from all walks of life, cultures, races that feel the same as I, and its good to have that and to know that.
  • In Terre Haute area trying last ditch effort to lose any weight. My meds are making it impossible. But I'm still putting up a fight.
    Anyone in the area...hello!