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World Gym - Cancelling Membership



  • dixiewhiskeydixiewhiskey Member Posts: 3,453 Member Member Posts: 3,453 Member
    Buy a prepaid credit card at Wal-Mart or whereever, put a months worth of membership fees on it, then change your method of payment to that prepaid credit card. Cancel the contract. If they go to bill your credit card, it will be the prepaid card that you don't put anymore money on.

    Thats a great idea!

    We signed up the YMCA, they never gave us any issues with canceling. Now i will say when we signed BACK up a month ago (last time we had a membership was 2008) we did have a past due balance of 1 month because they had billed that month when we canceled. We simply paid it and moved on. NO issues canceling or paying off the debt.

    Agreed, great advice! I went to a few different gyms that weren't YMCA and never liked them. Sales were pushy and the atmosphere sucked.. I would honestly get a prepaid card or go to the Y. They always let you cancel, no problems, no hassle.

    Also a word of further advice, read up your local provincial/state laws about cancellations. Here in Ontario, you have 10 days on any contract whether it be a cell phone or gym membership to cancel no matter what the contract states. Other places may be different or may work in your favour. It's always good to know
  • crzybeautiful11crzybeautiful11 Member Posts: 52 Member Posts: 52
    Not sure about canceling, but I go to World Gym and don't have a contract so I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult. Ours is running specials for pre-paid years and no contract month to month memberships. Maybe yours is too?
  • dad106dad106 Member Posts: 4,875 Member Member Posts: 4,875 Member
    I used to belong to X-Sport Fitness, but when I canceled, I just wrote a letter to the company stating that I wished to cancel my membership and I sent it via certified mail.

    After that, I haven't had any issues and they even refunded the amount that they pre-charged me since I canceled mid-month or w/e.

    I bet if you look on world gyms website, it has their cancelation policy on there.
  • holeshot925holeshot925 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I moved back home to CO in august from CA back in august.... gave them the 30 days they required, and they are STILL pulling money from my account. Tried getting them to stop repeatedly, and they haven't. Just called the only number I could find online, again. Worst experience I've ever had with a gym
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