protein powder?

I have been searching this page and the internet for the past 20 minutes and I feel like I'm just going in loops.

I need a powder to mix in the green smoothies I plan on drinking every morning. I would like something that is yummy, preferably vanilla or chocolate. I'd like it to be lower in calories and not too expensive. I'd hate to spend $$$ on something I might not like.

And since I feel like I'm asking for something that doesn't, I'll go ahead and add that I would love a pony and a corvette and a nice house in the country. And a nice body to go with it.

Please and Thank You.


  • roro1925
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    Lol well I have been drinking a whey protein isolate powder from Syntrax called Nectar sweets. The flavor I got is chocolate truffle. I bought a 2lb jug off Amazon for around $30 i think...give or take. It has zero carbs, zero sugar, zero fat, lactose gluten and aspartame free. Its only 100 calories for a full scoop with 23g of protein per scoop. It tastes pretty good, I mix it with unsweetened almond milk. I was looking for low calorie powders and found this suggestion on a body building site and it had great reviews so i went for it. Hope this helps
    Just for an idea....i only use half a scoop in a cup of milk and it tastes like a mild chocolate milk so it's yummy. Wanna try it with water though and see the difference :)
  • jodfie
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    this is by no means me trying to "sell" i dont want banned...but my family and i use and love the visalus vi shape shakes/powder....but the key is to research and find out the use of the protein powder and how mucn protein in a day(and at a time) you can consume...i believe your body maxes out at 20-25gs of protein every 2-3 hours
  • danikat15
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    Thanks guys! I think i'm going to try the Nectar one in vanilla. I also ordered PB2 and chia seeds, so it's going to be fun next week!