Beginers Triathalon

Through the wonder of I have discovered a beginners triathalon "Try-A-Tri". Now this is a Canadian site, so for all of the US and other International MPFers I am sorry. But this is really motivating.
Milton Jun 6,2010
Guelph Lake 1 June 19,2010
Belwood July 18,2010
Niagara Aug 8, 2010
Orillia Aug 22, 2010
Guelph Lake 2 Sept 4,2010

I am seriously considering signing up for the Aug 22, 2010 Orillia date. I am not really planning on seeing if I can get into the shape and then sign up, I am going to sign up as a motivator to BE in shape for the date.

This is the break down of the Try-A-Tri
Cost: Pregegistration 47.25 Late Registration 57.25

Swim 375kms
Bike 10kms
Run 2.5kms

For all those MPFers who are interested check out the webste by googling

Good Luck and hope some of you join me.

Anyone on here who has done a try a tri or a full on triatholon please let me know, any and all feedback tips, advice are greatly appreciated.


  • lwest008
    lwest008 Posts: 26 Member
    I have always been interested in Try-a-Tris but actually decided on Sunday that this year would be the year I would sign up for one. I am doing the one in Ottawa at the end of May and the breakdown is slightly different than the one you mentioned. In fact, all the Try-a-Tris in my area are different depending on which one you sign up for.

    The one I'm doing is:
    100m swim
    2km run
    12km bike

    I want to do another one in September which is a 200m swim, 3km run, and 12km bike. I have been indoor cycling regularly for almost 2 years, and have just started training for a 5km run in the spring, and tonight it my first day back in the pool in a long time. So with more than 3 months to prepare, I'm sure I will be fine. Good luck with your training!
  • MirandaJayne
    MirandaJayne Posts: 600 Member
    Very cool.

    Me I go to a lot of aerobics classes through my gym, (bosu cario, spin class 2x week, weights class, and hot yoga twice a week). Can you offer my tips as to how to train for a tri? Obviously I am going to have to add swimming to my regime lol, but what else should i start doing?

    Also do you already have the prper bike already for a tri? I just have a mountain bike.
  • becabunny
    I'm prepping for a First Tri Triathlon in Austin this May. I'm pretty excited! Most things I've read said that your basic mountain bike should be fine for your first race and if you decide it's something you're passionate about then splurge on a road bike. I'm NOT a big swimmer so that is my biggest hurdle!
  • FrenchMob
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    Way to go Miranda. I'm also doing a bunch of endurance events this year, including a duathlon in May (Waterloo ON), and the sprint triathlon in Welland in June, and also a half marathon in Thunder Bay in September.

    There's another organization that does triathlons/duathlons in Ontario. Here's their site: They have one in Cobourg in August which is alot closer for you if you're in Bowmanville.

    BTW, the picture of my race car in my signature ticker was taken at Mosport last summer. :) Fun track.
  • FrenchMob
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    Oh, I forgot the training tips:

    Make sure you actually train for each discipline. Even if your cardio is good for stepping, aerobics, etc., it'll be different when you run, bike, and swim. Right now I can easily go 30 mins on a run, 60 mins on bike, but about 10 mins for swimming before I need to take a break. Different exercises, different muscles, etc.

    Also, if you're training for a try-a-tri, make sure that by the time your event arrives, that you can easily do double the length in each discipline of the event your doing, for example, your event is 375m swim, 10km bike, 2.5 km run. Make sure you can comfortably do 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run. This will give you a good cushion in case you get into hills, or really hot weather, etc. and also helps with your confidence when going through the event.
  • MirandaJayne
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    RVachon - Thanks for the tips. I appreciate them as well as the website and other dates. I went to your profile and saw that you are doing the CN Tower stair climb in April??? How is that I thought it was in Oct?
  • FrenchMob
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    No problem.

    Nope, it's April 17th; :happy: