Sprouted Grain Bread???

What is this? Where to find? I live in Canada but dh works in US so either country's products r fine. Thoughts or advice?


  • TheMaidOfAstolat
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    I LOVE Ezekiel bread! It's found in the freezer section (organic or vegetarian area)-I'm in the US though.
  • Supermel
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    thank you, that gives me the name of something to start the search. I find a make-it-yourself recipe on allrecipes.com but it seems like its expensive and a lot of work. i'll keep looking!
  • Laceylala
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    Try Trader Joes if you have one..they have several brands of sprouted grain breads not in the frozen section.
    I also like the Ezekial breads as well, especially their hamburger/hotdog buns.

    www.shilohfarms.com sells sprouted wheat flour and I buy it from there, but I'll tell you I've had one heck of a time getting the bread to come out like bread. It is much more...dense?...than regular flour and as such the bread tends to not rise as much and is much more moist. Good flavor though. The flour is very expensive thought and higher in calories too.

    Sprouted wheat is wheat that is unrefined and as little processed as possible...hasn't had the outer shells taken off so there is more nutritional value to it. Some people, like my 3 year old, who have issues with wheat/gluten tolerance can often eat it with no problems.

    I've been messing around with amaranthe flour with baking bread. The consistency is much more like bleached refined (Crap) flour and is easier to work with. Plus it has a nutty flavor and tastes great in bread.

    If you are looking up bread recipes to try with this, search for No Knead Bread Recipes. Dump ingredients in a bowl, mix, cover and let sit for 12-18 hours, scrap out and form a roundish shape, toss in a pan and bake. Easy and wonderful!