Christmas Party dishes

cmccoy0901 Posts: 156 Member
I'm looking for some healthy dishes I can take to my family Christmas party. Any suggestions?


  • pgfatty
    pgfatty Posts: 43 Member
    im making fruit kebabs

    strawberrys,kiwi,pineapple and dip

    also make a paste with canned tuna - finely chop peppers, add low fat salad cream and spread on health bread (open sandwich style)

    hope this helps :smile:
  • lisapr123
    lisapr123 Posts: 863 Member
    Appetizer: hummus & veggies, fruit & yogurt, even cheese (use portion control!)

    Main meal sides: roasted veggies (always a hit in my family), sweet potatoes & apple casserole, whole grain bread

    Snacks: homemade no sugar added pie, fruit & cool whip

    If you just use portion control you should be ok!
  • cmccoy0901
    cmccoy0901 Posts: 156 Member
    thanks y'all
  • emyishardcore
    emyishardcore Posts: 352 Member
    Couscous with chicken and veggies is really good!