Big Al's Greek Tuna BBQ: an awesome hangover sandwich (pics)

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Big Al's Greek Tuna BBQ.

42 grams protein
271 calories
2 g fat
23 g carbs
12 calcium
8 iron

Slice & barely sautee onion, add tuna pouch. Scramble egg with BBQ sauce, add to pan. When done put in a bowl and add some plain Greek yogurt and spinach. Toss. Squirt with lemon. Put on toasted ezekiel bread and eat or eat the toast while cooking then just suck it down, breadless. Love your life.



i use egg whites, you can use egg. i only use one slice of bread and eat it messy open faced. i use half that container of yogurt for my sandwich

got any fave low calorie/weird hangover sandwich/foods you want to share? under 350-400 calories please!


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    Yum! So hard to find good hangover food. Thanks for sharing!
  • i use a flat out wrap (90 cals)
    cup of egg whites (120)
    wedge of laughing cow (35)

    Egg and cheese with a ton of protein:) Not as fancy as your sandwich, but easy and delish!
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    i love laughing cow! if i had some you can bet it would be in this recipe!!
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    Yes, because Jameson cherry cokes are delicious.

    I'm no fan of breakfast, but this does a trick: one serving of Quaker Hot Oatbran with a helping of whole fruit preserves (apricot and sour cherry are my favorite), fry up a batch of firm tofu with onion and Heinz 57 or BBQ, and wash it down with a steaming half-liter of coffee, followed by one NSAID pain reliever and a B-complex vitamin.

    You can now go to work. :bigsmile:
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