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Would like to be in the success stories forum

HI there
I have recently started MFP and slowly getting used to how this site works. I am looking to make some friends who are up for making healthy suggestions, exercise knowledge and of course support! I have seen some wonderful people on this site and hoping with the support, knowledge and friendships built on this site I can make it to the success stories page!! Right now my goal is to loose 70lbs. I never used to have an issue with cravings, keeping my weight under control and being consistant with my exercise. I had gotten ill, was put on 6 medications and now I am getting my life back and rediscovering myself. I would like to be of support to others as well. Good luck to all :)


  • MarcelDrapalski
    Starting is always the worst part, but I bet you will do well. :) If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :D
  • Strength2Succeed
    Strength2Succeed Posts: 126 Member
    Thank you!! I am determined to get on the success forum lol!! RIght now I am looking for healthier options for meals. I am lacking energy ALOT so any suggestions on improving energy would be great too lol!! Thank you for the reply!