5x5 thoughts wanted - starting strength etc

Finally got around to starting doing some weights in addition to my normal indoor rock climbing.

After some quick googling, just nabbed the google docs spreadsheet here: http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Tools_and_Downloads#Starting_Strength_Logbook_Calculator

So doing alternating: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat, Press, Power Clean.

I know there's a lot of different thoughts on this.
Is this a decent routine for starting out? Anything else it'd be beneficial to add?

I've done various weights in the past and certainly have been stronger than I am now, though not a massive amount.
Starting out with 60kg on each, apart from the military press, which I'm at 50kg I think it was.


  • GuybrushThreepw00d
    GuybrushThreepw00d Posts: 784 Member
    Yep its a good starting routine.
    Read the book, its a long one..:)

    I enjoyed reading stronglifts 5x5 too.

    I do SL5x5 with preacher curls thrown in.
  • geebusuk
    geebusuk Posts: 3,348 Member
    Cheers; I do have one of the books, but haven't had the time to go through it properly yet.
  • geebusuk
    geebusuk Posts: 3,348 Member
    Oh and - out of interest; why a preacher curl rather than a normal curl?
    (Generally the consensus seems to be 'isolation=bad' for those promoting this sort of program.)
  • RunDoozer
    RunDoozer Posts: 1,699 Member
    I like the stronglifts 5x5 mainly because it has an iPhone/android app and I can track all my progress.
  • wellbert
    wellbert Posts: 3,924 Member
    Done both.

    Read Starting Strength
    Do Stronglifts 5x5 until it's too much volume
    Switch to 3x5s.

    i love power cleans, but honestly, pendlay rows feel a lot more useful.
  • vanguardfitness
    vanguardfitness Posts: 720 Member
    5x5 is my go to routine. I have consistently used it for gains over the years.