Has any one else heard of this?

momwhosbusy Posts: 154 Member
A friend of mine is starting a "Cleanse" to "De-tox" his body. Its going to be 10 days on nothing but purified water, fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and pure maple syrup.

I refuse to get into a debate with him over this and I know that this isn't a good idea for any reason. I was just curious as to weather or not anyone else has ever heard of this particular combination. I know that I haven't!

I did share the facts with him that simple clean eating, drinking plenty of quality water, and simple exercise would get the same results with longer lasting results b/c you can actually continue on that path for as long as you choose and don't have to stop before you have ill effects from lack of nutrition. He didn't buy it and wants the quick fix...oh well, to each his own I guess!

So has any one heard of this combo before?