Finally able to start P90X!

Hello All,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I bought P90x a few months back. Unfortunately, I had to have surgery on my ankle on September 4th and then I had breast reconstruction on November 7th and was not able to start it. I managed to keep my weight on check just by tracking. I did however gain 3% body fat (mid section and in my arms). I'm currently at 123lbs and 23% body fat. My goal is 18% body fat. I have gotten the OK from my doctor to be able to work out again. I currently work out with my trainer on Mondays and Wednesdays and I also do Zumba for my cardio and when I can I do HITT.

Do I have to follow there nutrition guideline? I do eat back my workout calories. I know everyone is different, but when did you start to see results?

Looking forward to starting P90X and for meeting new ppl.

Sheila :flowerforyou:


  • skylark94
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    I'm about to go into my 3rd month of P90X. I chose my calories allowance of 1,800 based on the nutrition guide (page 5), but I do don't eat what it tell me to. I eat whatever I want as long as it fits my own macro goals. I do have a protein shake after my strength workouts. I'm 20.6% body fat with a goal of 18% as well. I do not log my exercise on MFP, since the 1,800 already takes my activity into account. Starting this week, I will be eating 2,200 (TDEE) on strength days and 1,600 on light or cardio days to see if I can get the body fat dropping off again.

    Since you are coming back from injury and surgery, please take it slow. Do the fit test and make sure you can meet the minimums. If I hadn't done a different program (Body Revolution) before P90X, I doubt I would have been ready.
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    Wow, just read your profile and you have been through so much, but its great to see you on here with such a positive attitude. Good luck with the P90x. Not tried it myself but I've heard its fab. Well done Sheila, you're an inspiration x
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    Congrats and good luck! I completed P90X last year (Feb-May timeframe). I generally followed the 1800 calorie guidance but didn't follow the food plan specifically. I would like to lose a few more % BF but right now I am training for a January marathon and then a May trail marathon so I'm finding it hard to cut calories or carbs as I won't have enough energy to complete the workouts.

    I saw the other poster mention trying another program first. I would agree, depending upon your base level of fitness. I did Jillian's 30 day shred prior to P90X and found it helped me prepare.
  • Sheila_Ann
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    Thanks everyone! I can't wait to start and see the results!

    Have a great 2013!:flowerforyou: